Someone Has To Get Disappointed – The Power Of Having Options Like Women Do

Ok, quick, fast and in a hurry.

Yesterday, I picked up a drug-counselor which you had already read about here: Most awkward pickup.

Within no time, and through text game, I was able to establish a meet-up for this evening- Thursday night.

All is fine and well- right?

Well not quite.

I happened to pick up a married chick earlier today while on my lunch break again (similarly to yesterday), so I decided to flake out of girl 1 [the drug-counselor] in order to go out with the married girl later tonight.

She was psyched about us meeting up tonight but someone has to get let down. 😦

This is just the nature of the game when you have options and women to chose from.

You can execute your powers to cancel or accept.

Now, why did I cancel of the counselor chick for the married girl?

The married one leaves tomorrow morning for another island.

The counselor lives here, so I’ll have all the time in the world to meet up with her.

Hence, it’s a matter of prioritizing.

How stupid would I be to not cancel on the girl who lives here and essentially lose out on the girl who’s leaving tomorrow?

It’s a powerful thing as a guy when you can flake, cancel on or stand up a girl for another; essentially giving women a dose of their own medicine.

This is the summit of game!

This is the realm where masters dwell.

Most men will never reach to this level where they pick up so many women, that they can begin to select whom they want to see on any given night.

Stay tuned for the married chick field report.

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