New Addition To My Game: Hand On Hip Mannerism [thanks to Todd Valentine]

Dominant Body Language

I’m huge on incorporating new ideas and concepts into my lifestyle, pickup repertoire, etc.

One such area is mannerism and body language.

Whenever talking with a girl or others in general, we all have a certain way in which we position our hand(s), feet, head, etc.

Most of us aren’t conscious of this since it is so autopilot (even myself).

Some of us place our hands in our pockets, on hips, on head, behind back, lapsed to the side and so forth.

I find that I generally leave mines swinging at my side.

This sort of mannerism isn’t a deal-breaker in whether you get the girl or not.

However, it isn’t the most confident or dominant way to carry a conversation.

Hands On Hip, for some strange reason, seem to have caught my attention on a profound level over the past months of watching Todd Valentine’s pick-up videos.

This mannerism [hands of hips] appears more manlier, bossier and dominant/Alpha than anything else.

Lots of guys cross their arms into their chest as they speak.

Though this may look dominant in some way.

It often times comes off as if you are shielding yourself. Or gives the impression that you’re being closed off.

Arms folded

Arms folded

With the “hands on hips” look, I really cannot point out 1 negative aspect that it conveys on a conscious or subconscious level.

It just seems more manlier to me!

It widens your stance (wider is better) and project a more dominant vibe.

As of earlier this week, I’ve been implementing the hands on hips mannerism into my interactions whenever I talk to women or I’m running pickup.

Will update y’all on progress…which is very interesting.

What's your view?

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