Field Report: Picked Up Married Chick

Another day; little of the same shit.

While diddling around with my phone in front of my workplace during lunch break, a very short and thick girl approaches to ask for some direction.

This led to an almost hour-long chat in the sweltering heat which drove us to seek shade under a nearby tree.

All the usual ingredients of a successful conversation and pickup were exhausted.

She told me she’s happily married and the rest of it all.

Towards the end of the convo before grabbing her phone number [she actually asked for mines first], I said to her:

Me: “Do you eat Shawarma”?

Note: Shawarma is a Middle Eastern (or Syrian) snack which is prepared into a warp sorta like a burrito…or exactly like a burrito in fact.

Girl: “Yes I do. You’re trying to bait me into a date”?

Me: “Not quite. Just want to know your taste”.

Me: “You like pepper on yours”?

Girl: “Just a little. But I hate when they put that garlic sauce thing on it”.

We went on to talk about garlic and bad breath for some time then I set up the meet-up officially.

Me: “Ok cool. I’ll order me 1 and order you 1 without a little bit of hot sauce/pepper”.

Girl: “I can’t believe you’re getting me to go on a date”! 😆

I guess she can’t believe that she’s being picked up though happily married? 😉

Anyway guys, it’s 6:08 PM [Eastern US time] and she’s just called me seconds ago so I’m about to hit the showers and meet up with this chick and see you guys later!

6 thoughts on “Field Report: Picked Up Married Chick

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      1. She’s married! Stop pursuing her and others in relationships. Her behavior is disrespectful in itself, she’s the one dishonoring her commitment, not you. But you shouldn’t encourage it. There’s plenty of bloody fish out there, go find a single one Kenny!


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