Women Treat You The Way You Treat Them [A Must Read For Men]

The other day while chatting with a neighbor in front of our apartment, a familiar girl walks by and my neighbor frantically ducks down behind a parked car as if to hide from the girl.

The chick passes, flashes me a smile, says hi and kept it moving.

The neighbor re-emerges from behind the car as the girl heads down the bloc.

Me: “What was that about”!? 😆

Neighbor: “She’s one of those street-Evangelist people. Every time she sees me, she’s always preaching about going to church and saving myself and all that church shit! She can talk for fucking hours! So I just hide from her when I see her to avoid the “come to church tomorrow” lecture”.

He then asks me, “Why doesn’t she preach to you…or does she”?

Me: “She tried once. We actually had a great discussion”.

Neighbor: “But”?

Me: “I tried getting into her pants”.

Neighbor: “What!”? 😯

Me: “Aight, not quite. But I flirted with her hard core and got sexual in conversation. Whenever she sees me, she knows what to expect because of the way I treat her…just as I treat any other girl I interact with…SEXUALLY”.

Ok, what my neighbor doesn’t get, just as most of us clueless men don’t, is that you’re treated the way you treat others.

Sounds cliche as fuck, but this’ the 1 cliche that really means something…at least in my book.

Ok, so whenever you’re interacting with a girl, let’s assume she’s a stranger, her 1st impression of you will become lasting…almost.

Hence, if you keenly listen to a girl who preaches to you that you should attend church every Sunday, or that you should change your whimsical lifestyle for something more stable- she will expect nothing more than for you to listen, consider and to eventually conform.

If you come off as respectable and non-sexual, she will approach you likewise and expect that you toe that line.

I counter this by refusing to conform to social norms from the get-go.

Some missionary girl or Jehova’s Witness approaching me with their conversion pitch; I will often listen, but my mannerism, vibe and verbal gambit will have been sexual, taunting, provocative and flirty.

Me: “If I do come to your mission thing next week, promise me that you’ll be there so we can sneak off to a cozy location and make out without anyone seeing”.

Whenever I say that, the girl usually laughs, smiles, blushes and say, “But the man upstairs will see us”.

They usually always try to stick to their script.

I usually stick to mines also with periodic diversions towards her topic of interest (religion and church).

However, the point is quite clear; I treat this woman as a sexual object as I would with any other girl who gets my cock aroused.

Her disposition, neither her message, nor her job description, changes my course in the sense of the way in which I act, what I say, how I say it and what I aim to achieve.

At the end of the day (or the conversation), there will be no ambiguity as to my intention and what I truly care about.

The girl will sense that if given the right set of circumstances and favorable logistics: I would (try to) fuck the shit out of her. 😯

This isn’t even explicit or overt in my actions!

More so in mannerisms, the unspoken vibe, sexual tension in the air and so forth.

The girl feels these things. Not because I say it [I often do] but I feel it, exude it and convey it on a nonverbal level [my sexuality].


Therefore, whenever talking to a girl whom I’m sexually aroused by [a complete stranger or acquaintance], or just to screw with her somewhat, I will ramp up the sexual vibe through flirting, touching and playful gestures and banter.

Better to have the girl leave saying to herself, “This guy is sleazy, freaky, touchy, cocky, pervy, sexual, sexist”…than, “This guy is well-mannered, meek, nice, humble, sophisticated, ethical, saintly…”.

The hidden beauty in this, and all that I’ve said in this short post, is that Women Will Fucking Conform!

She will accept you the way you are!

People accept you the way you are.

If you present yourself as Mr. Nice Guy; she will treat you as such and expects to be treated equally…as Mrs. Nice Gal aka Mrs. Prude.

If you come off as a sexual-chauvinistic cocky-ass prick, she will either accept it, conform or avoid any dealings with you.

More often than not, you’ll be amazed at the greater portion of women who conform as they would’ve resigned themselves to the reality that you are the way you are (sexual).

For crying out loud: I have girls who call me pervy all the fucking time!

My female coworkers, whom I’m actually the supervisor of, call me Mr. Perv! 🙂

Not that I ever make any genuine-sexual passes on them. But our dialogue, plus the way in which I interact with other women in their presence (sexually), I’d earned the name “Pervert” and I own up to it like a real Alpha-Male!

These women aren’t denigrating me!

They love it whenever they see me slap a girl’s ass and take the slap to the face in return for such a ballsy and borderline criminal act. 😉

Or perhaps when I stare directly down a woman’s cleavage and make a comment on it.

Now, I’m not encouraging you guys to slap asses and shit just to prove a point (try at your own peril).

However, you want that with every girl whom you like, or like to take to bed, she feels that if given the chance, you would hike her pretty sun-dress up from behind, and pile drive your cock into her awaiting vagina like the dirty-little slut she is [figuratively speaking]!

If you aren’t making girls feel and think this way about you, then you’re either:

A.) A giant pussy

B.) Pretending to be nice…which is tantamount to being a giant pussy once again

Now, the crazy thing is this [as if it hasn’t gotten crazy as yet]:

Once a woman’s impression of you has been set [based on what you present her]; it’s virtually impossible to undue this without causing major drama, fallout and subsequent awkwardness!

Case in point: I know lots of girls who knew me before I got involved in Pickup and changed my lifestyle to what it is now.

These girls’ impressions of me is that of a pussy!

Why so?

Because when they first met me while I was an AFC Beta; I was indeed a giant pussy!

Fast forward many years to present day, whenever I do bump into these girls, their impressions are still the same quite naturally.

Doesn’t matter how much I might have changed physically (grown) or style-wise (much better); they still see me as Kenny, the style-deficient pussy who was always afraid to talk to girls.

Thus- impressions are lasting and expected of you.

Trying to pick up one of these girls will fail 9 in 10 times.

How do I know this?

Because I fucking try all the time…albeit a 90% + failure rate in changing their impressions.

The girls will generally be shocked that I’ve changed and now have the balls to chat up women. But that’s as far as it goes generally.

If you find yourself in this predicament and you’re wondering why isn’t the “new you” slaying all these familiar asses?

You now have a possible culprit.

The only way to avoid this re-occurring in the future, is to set the right impression, right tone, right away from the 1st interaction.

By “Right impression”, I mean “Wrong” impression as far as societal standards go.

Society says be non-threatening, hands-off, cordial, nice, respectful and so on.

You want to do the opposite right away when interacting for the 1st time with a girl whom you’d want to shag.

Trying to nice your way into a girl’s pussy will not work!

Also, what usually happens to guys who try to change their approach with a specific girl after her impression would’ve been set, is that they risk coming off as though they’re trying to be someone they’re not.

Girls will see through this shit like plastic!

Therefore, by acting sexual from the get-go, you force the girl into thinking that this is the real you and it isn’t any act or facade.

She can either take it or leave it!

Most will take it! But it is up to you [the guy] to then capitalize off of this.

This brings me back to the infamous video I posted earlier in the year where I approached 26 random girls of all ages and sizes, about how much I like the g-string they have on…which they didn’t have on…but you get the point, right?

Women won’t truly take offense to this sort of rude and forward behavior…as long as you own it and you convey that this is you!

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