Kenny’s Forced-Public Apology To Arash Dibazar + Further Responses To The Latest Podcast Show

Arash Dibazar: PUA instructor and MMA trainer

Arash Dibazar: PUA instructor and MMA trainer

Evidently, word got back to Arash in less than 5 hours, that I’d made mention of him in my recently posted podcast…episode #13 (posted yesterday).

Now, I mentioned a lot of guy’s names in the positive and the negative. But Arash seemed to have taken offense more than anyone else…thus far at least.

For clarity sake, the podcast wasn’t meant to be a sprawling diatribe where Kenny bashes everyone in the pickup-sphere [quite the contrary since I was defending Pickup].

It was hatched as an address to Johnny Berba, a pick-up coach out of London, England, who as of late, has been trashing pickup ideologies and concepts…of which he’s a subscriber [go figure].

In doing so, I figured to redirect the show towards addressing other characters whom I have issues with currently and prior. So that’s how the episode turned out to include others besides Johnny Berba.

Be as it may, Arash being who he is, due to an anonymous tip-off, wanted to know what exactly went down and why was he mentioned…in the negative.

The Mention of Arash was just in passing to be honest.

He was never in my show notes originally. But since I touched on Kos Mo, the wannabe actor and former contestant on VH1’s Pick-Up Artist reality show some years ago, Arash’s name fit the context quite naturally since he does MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and Kos Mo is a wannabe fighter.

Nevertheless, I was put on the spot and pressured into an apology after realizing that not everyone took the episode in jest.

The public apology posted to Arash’s Facebook wall was genuine though!

I swallowed my pride and relented like a man in the wrong.

No love loss between Arash and myself.

He just thought it was bigger than it was and that I was talking shit about his game…which I wasn’t.

Ok- moving along!

David Kocher

David Kocher

David Kocher seemed to have taken it well…which I can respect as DK is big on humor…plus I had kind words to say about him.

I know he’s Arash’s right-hand man, not to mention that they both hail from California. But DK rocks as I mentioned on the show.

Surprisingly enough, Johnny Berba took it in stride…though he was the prime target of the 13th. episode as the title indicates.

I respect him now more than ever for being a good sport, unlike guys such as Bravo PUA and El Topo aka Steve Mayeda, both of who un-friended me on Facebook for criticizing their positions on dating matters.

Actually, Bravo PUA had un-friended me because I called out Steve Mayeda…not because of any issue between Bravo and me.

Most of all though, I was shocked at Alex Rose and by extension, my idol in game, VK Vince Kelvin, for allegedly sacking the podcast episode that I’d appeared on as a special guest of Vince.

VK Vince Kelvin, PUA guru

VK Vince Kelvin, PUA guru

Alex claims that the podcast wasn’t pulled.

Then where is it!? 😯

Alex's comment posted to the video

Alex’s comment posted to the video

Overall, most responses (negative and positive) have come from the ordinary guy on the ground who simply wanted to know what sparked off the rant which now has the PUA community in such an uproar at a time when old rivals and enemies have been patching up their differences.

When it’s all said and done, we’ll forget about this within a week’s time.

Oh- not to mention that the redhead Vixen, Michelle Terrell, my friend by the way, thought it was “GROSS” that I said that I would do her in a heartbeat if we were to ever hang out. 😉

Michelle Terrell; seduction coach

Michelle Terrell; seduction coach

Michelle is cool though she’s currently giving me a shellacking for my antics and hard-line posts.

If you missed it, you can listen to the hour-long podcast which I put together a day ago.


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