PUA Politics + Johnny Berba The Hypocrite – Socialkenny’s PUA Podcast Show Episode #13 [10-04-2014]

“Kenny’s causing trouble again”!

What’s up guys!

It’s been ages since I put together a podcast show being that I’ve been bogged down in other endeavors such as making pickup videos and tutorials.

I found time to put together a 13th episode.

I address my issues with hypocrites in the pick-up community, including guys who I regularly dialogue with.

Also, I talk about my general grievances in the game and bad dealings with certain gurus and coaches whom I addressed in the episode.

Ok, so here’s a quick rundown of the show notes…almost in chronological order:

*VK Hollywood Vince Kelvin and my missing-podcast show that we did together

*Luis Ramos, a PUA practitioner out of Maryland who drives me crazy with Facebook taggings

*Alex Quintana aka Alex Rose: was he responsible for sacking my podcast with VK Vince Kelvin?

*Brad P removing my post from his Facebook Mansion group

*Speer’s retirement from pickup

*Edward Boyd posting how to avoid a rape charge on my FB page [WTF!] 😯

*Elizabeth Everett aka Delphim and that weird-ass profile photo

*Mystery’s public implosion as the godfather and unofficial founder of the pickup community

*Hashim Trends Locario

*Haley Quinn: possibly the sexiest chick in pickup world

*JT Tran’s staged and faked photos ❓

*Kos Mo of VH1 Pick-Up Artist and why he’s confused about whether he’s an actor or dating coach

*Marco Lee scamming me out of a twitter venture ❓

*Michelle Terrell being a cool chick whom I would bang in a heartbeat

*Omar Khan aka Mcmaax of maximum Seduction making a comeback to pickup

*Professor Lance Corporal Bumpkin and the weird shit he posted to my Facebook posts

*Ross Jeffries being a cool dude

*Satori PUA: the Dominican PUA- hottest ticket in the pickup world right now

*Simeon Moses & Joe Doyle from VH1’s Pick-Up Artist: the 2 most annoying posters on Facebook

*Nick Sparks and his catty attitude

I also touched on why Robbie Kramer of Inner Confidence surprised the shit out of me after being one of the biggest hypocrites in the seduction scene some years ago

At the end of the day; it’s Pick-Up Love. But the hypocrisy has reached a boiling point.

10 thoughts on “PUA Politics + Johnny Berba The Hypocrite – Socialkenny’s PUA Podcast Show Episode #13 [10-04-2014]

Add yours

    1. I’ve gotten a few death threats so far. Just kidding lol…seriously! The response has been mixed. The average guy sees it as funny and refreshing that I’m speaking my mind. Others (pickup coaches) have been whining about the podcast. Johnny Berba took it pretty well so I applaud him for being Alpha enough to take criticism


  1. Hey Kenny,

    Glad you’re digging my pickup videos. I don’t remember ever saying that pickup would be dead in 2009, I used to talk about how the pickup industry will change and go more mainstream personal growth. Anyway thanks for the shout out.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment RK. Well I do recall a podcast with the AOC where it was either you or Josh Pellicer predicting the end of pickup by 2009 and that pickup is virtually dead. Well whoever said it was actually right but not in the sense of dead totally but as far as peacocking and stuff dying out and the whole so-called natural game stuff coming in. Be as it may, good infield videos and I’ll keep checking them out as they come.


  2. You don’t just call out your opinions on public like that! Simply just PM them and let them know what you think is BS about them. They are also earning their living and doing business so they will obviously delete some lame ass comments by you in public. It’s like a hotel who will get good review on tripadvisor.com instead and avoid bad ones. They also are doing business.

    I know Johnny Berba very well. Spent six weeks with him in London and his stuff works like a charm.


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