Familiarity Kills Attraction…Which Is Why You Should Game Total Strangers And Not Acquaintances

There are several-complex psychological reasons why girls generally don’t bang the guy next door, male friends, etc.

At the root of them all is “Familiarity”, which is the #1 attraction killer.

The more a girl knows about you, the less likely she is to sleep with you.

Is for this reason why the pickup arts advocates that you remain vague, ambiguous and limit the amount of real information you provide the girl whom you’re trying to bang.

You want to avoid the curse of being familiar.

Alright, alright, alright- I know this comes off as backwards as shit to most reading this right now.

“I thought the more the girl knows me, the better the connection and the better chances of creating something worth wild with her”. 😯

Sure – on the surface this seems logical as fuck!

However, it’s 1 of those things that runs contrary to conventional wisdom: such as women liking guys with bad boy qualities and repulsed by those who are champions of the nice guy.

With that being said, if you’ve been trying to get with Jackie down the bloc…the same one who knows every detail about your little existence, and to no avail, you’re unable to generate anything as far as a romantic connection, then the culprit could pretty much be the “Familiarity” factor.

Jackie simply knows too much about you, thus she’s robbed of the novel and thrilling feeling of being swept off her feet by some stranger in shining armour…no pun intended. 😉

This is also the setback to living in small towns where everyone knows everyone.

As the guy, you are stripped of your stranger appeal since the girl would’ve been familiar with you, your face or your profile…or all of the aforementioned.

The solution to guys living in small towns and having a difficult time getting laid is to simply commute, travel and frequent other towns where no one knows you personally.

You don’t have to move to Vegas or New York City as some PUA coaches would advise.

Simply hitting up the town-next-door would suffice.

As for myself; I travel often.

I live in a small town on the island but I’m always floating through neighboring districts or taking trips to neighboring islands where I can enjoy using the “stranger’s” appeal to seduce local girls.

This is why I advocate tourist game in the sense that you should aim to set yourself up as a tourist or traveler whenever interacting with girls with whom you’re unacquainted.

Girls are 10 times more willing to spread their little legs for a complete stranger than they would for Jeff who they grew up with, or Charlie- their BFF’s brother.

Therefore, if you’re living in an area or town where most of its inhabitants are familiar with you in some way, and you’re unable to get laid due to this (“Familiarity”), I advise you to:

A.) Target strangers- meaning girls who aren’t from your town and aren’t acquainted with you.

B.) Hit up other towns.

C.) Make an effort to “Travel”.

To illustrate how effective it is to be an “unknown”, lemme bring this all-too-familiar scenario to your attention.

I know you’re familiar with the occurrence where new guy comes to town and new guy gets all the local pussy by virtue of simply being an unknown character.

He doesn’t have to possess game.

Doesn’t have to know shit about women.

Shit- he can be a virgin for crying out loud!

Yet by virtue of merely being a stranger; the local birds flock to his cock as if it were a magical charm on which their life depended.

Such is the inherent power of being an unfamiliar guy.

Ok, so what is the grand-advocacy point of this article when it’s all said and done?

Game Fucking Strangers!!!

That is the beauty about Pickup/Seduction.

We encourage guys to target (random) strangers where the “Familiarity” kills factor, wouldn’t become a factor at all.

A girl who doesn’t know you from Adam, neither does she know a thing about you, cannot prejudge nor misjudge you fairly.

She can only work with what she has and knows about you from the first-impression phase.

Her tendency to use excuses as to why she shouldn’t hook up with you, will have been rendered null and void.

Therefore, she cannot say to you:

“I used to date your brother years ago. So it’d be pretty awkward and shady to even think about getting with you in that sorta way”.

She also cannot say to you:

“You’re like a friend to me. I can’t date a friend. It wouldn’t feel right”.

When dealing with a stranger, 80% of her customary excuses and objections are automatically destroyed.

The remaining 20% will have accounted for stuff like:

“I don’t know you”

“We don’t know each other”

“How can we hook up when I don’t know you”?

Simple objections which are easily overridden and destroyed with:

“That’s the beauty in life. To just meet someone and instantly feel a romantic connection with that person. That’s a powerful feeling, you know”.

Get it?

The only instance in which knowing the girl would’ve been a plus, is if you both happen to run into each other in unfamiliar territory…as in another town or country.

That is absolutely the only case in which the girl knows you, would’ve been a plus in hooking up.

Apart from that, you should be aiming to hook up with girls whom you know nothing about…and vice versa.

There’s no magic reason for this but simply that it’s easier to hook up with unfamiliar girls than it is with girls with whom you’re already acquainted.

13 thoughts on “Familiarity Kills Attraction…Which Is Why You Should Game Total Strangers And Not Acquaintances

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  1. I get what you’re saying. So here’s your heading “Familiarity Kills Attraction” in the context of a relationship.

    Never let a woman know you deep down, never let her know your worst fears, your ultimate weaknesses. Yes, you can perhaps more, to an extent show your fears and doubts if you live in a war torn region or environment of hardship that you have protected her from (aka, already proven yourself to her).

    But unfortunately, when you are living in an easy and resource rich part of the world, you cannot so much show your flaws and must prove to her how you can theoretically overcome adversity, a ‘game’ lol, to show her you are not to be emasculated aka defeated.

    Actually, I think that applies to your picking up women context too, can you see the similarity (though there are differences) Kenny? As women in general have no need to rely upon us without adversity, so they ‘up the ante’ to see if we will be congruent even if if shit never actually hits the fan.

    Because if or when shit does hit the fan, they can no longer play the ‘strong and independent’ women as the the times of plenty allow, so who is going to protect them when it isn’t??

    Haha, ironically, ultimately there is nothing to prove, we are our own men and live by our own code, not society’s, not women’s, hence why we are what we are. If you are confused by the above, who caused the safe world so many women live, to state they are ‘strong and independent’? Who invented, built and upheld a society that lets these women feel safe?

    Last thing I wanna say, I know you have detractors within the Manosphere Kenny, but you know the difference between you and them, notwithstanding different opinions? They come from a mainly negative worldview. You Kenny, have a positive worldview.

    Kudos mate.


    1. Not just in the context of a relationship.

      Actually, I wasn’t even referring to relationships but hooking up. Familiarity kills your chances to hook up.

      I agree with everything you said…honestly! 😉

      The crazy thing is, most guys would believe to themselves that the opposite is true, meaning they should reveal all, let the girl know everything about them, etc.

      I will address your other points shortly when I get the time.


  2. lol, sorry I’ve had a few drinks dude, I meant: *If you don’t agree, I welcome you to rip me a new asshole, it’s your blog and I hate echo chambers for the sake of them.*



  3. Agree with the points man. If a girl doesn’t know u very much u become mysterious- mystery creates attraction. Plus women feel lil bit safe if a guy doesn’t knoe much abt them thus why its easier to fuck tourist girls coz u ain’t goin judje them since you don’ knoe anythin abt them. Thus why its better keep more distance if you in rltionship and u want it to last.Spend evry minute wth her doing the shakespeare thing before u knoe it she banging tht player who chases her away after sex. Once u know the person in and out …ts over


    1. Good observations Blackshit. You’re totally right in creating a sense of aloofness and distance even in relationships. Another good point you made is that the girl will feel safer in that she doesn’t have to worry much about being judged based on past actions and such.


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