Update About The Biggest-Mega-Infield Video In PUA History

Since I stepped foot back on the island where I call home, the task to put together this massive infield video had begun…Sunday afternoon.

I literally haven’t slept since Sunday and going back to Thursday when I first landed in foreign territory. So I actually haven’t rested since last Thursday.

I am piecing together the relevant infield clips and trying to place them in chronological order from the 1st girl I picked up (Thursday) till the last (Sunday).

There’s over 80 clips (perhaps 100) which I have to work with and sort them out.

My uncle’s laptop which I’d borrowed, almost crashed a few times while I worked due to the intense labor I’ve been inducing on this mammoth project.

I have clips and sets which were recorded with 4 different recording devices while on the trip: Blackberry phone, iPhone, digital camera, covert-recording Sony device.

Therefore, I’ve currently been having to convert those clips to the relevant video formats which I can use in my video/movie maker software.

I’m also using 3 different video-making softwares to edit over 100 infield clips (day and night game) which were recorded from Thursday-Sunday while on the undisclosed island of *********. 😉

The purpose of this video when it’s all said and done…and ready, is to illustrate to you guys that pickup is easy and how to actually do it.

I picked up girls left to right, #’s, makeouts, Facebook exchanged, instant dates, rejections, etc.

After this project will have been completed (hopefully by tomorrow), I don’t think I’d have to make another infield video again as all the information needed will have been there.

One such clip was of myself and a sexy MILF on an instant date which I recorded about 16 + minutes of the interaction just to display social vibing and how to not run out of things to say…ever.

This will be by far the longest and most varying infield video ever published on the internet and in the PUA community.

It isn’t just “1 set” or 3 sets, but 3 fucking days of non-stop recording and non-stop gaming: from Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning [8AM to midnight]!

No breaks, no rest but for the times that my recording devices were either drained or ran short on memory or space on the memory cards (I used up dozens of gigabytes on this project).

When that happened, I had to rush back to my hotel and transfered the clips from my devices to the laptop in order to free up space…then it was back out on the streets after I’d charged the devices.

Hence you’ll actually be seeing a documentary-style video or sorta like watching a reality TV show where I took the cameras wherever I went to run game (from 8AM to 12AM).

I project the video to be around 3 hours and 30 minutes long.

Not much talking but straight gaming!

That is 3 days of the most intense game crammed into a 3 hour and 30 minute video. So it’s basically akin to watching 2 movies…however my shit will actually get you laid. 😉

No recycled or used and old clips, but fresh clips from over the weekend.

Also, I refuse to break the video down into segments and parts.

If you can’t watch it all now; then later is always there to resume.

Can’t wait guys!

I’m working around the clock just to get this project out by tomorrow afternoon the latest!

No sleep, no eat, no coffee. Just toiling over a notebook computer and video-making software!

In the meantime, this video is from days prior to the trip as I got prepared and touched down in **********.

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