Update On The Pending-Mega Infield Video

My feet ache from being on the streets from 8 AM until 12 AM gaming hotties.

I chatted up and picked up so many women today, not to mention Thursday and Friday, that I’m shocked that my tongue even functions anymore.

I’m psyched about finally piecing the videos together after I get back home.

I have about 100 video clips that I have to sort out, stitch and merge into 1 whole-mega clip which will be the biggest day-game video to date in the entire pickup community.

I also recorded so-called failed sets where I got blown out/rejected.

Therefore, the videos are of various shades and not only showing me having successes.

They’ll be pieced in chronological order from the 1st set (Thursday) to the last set (Sunday).

In the interest of time, I will not aim to clean up the videos.

They will be posted as is in most cases because there’s just too much infield footages for me to have to edit them all and get them posted ina timely manner.

Hence, I will sacrificed quality for quantity since there’s just too much quantity in the mass #’s game approach that I was running.

Can’t wait!

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