Men Everywhere Are Pussies: The Failed Shoot And Hope Strategy!

It’s Friday evening and I felt a need to note this observation quickly.

Most men are pussies with women!

Alright, it’s now 6 PM and I’ve literally been running the streets since 8 AM picking up chicks, getting makeouts, blown outs (3 times), instant-date pulls, etc.

The 1 main theme, or the only theme at that, that I notice coming from these girls in this island is that men do NOT approach them!

Strangers that is!

Today alone, I’ve gamed over 30 women- all random strangers- and all of them kept saying to me, “Men never approach me unless I know them already”.

Guys- this is why I always tell you to fucking get out of your head and meet women!

You will have the mean advantage out of this world!

The average guy is NOT approaching strangers on the streets with meaningful intent.

He’s half-assing it!

All these so-called players out there have nothing on a PUA who knows his shit!

The average so-called player, what he does in relation to random women, is he shoots and hopes that the girl responds and likes him.

Just today while running the streets pulling ass, a dude in an expensive ride pulls up next to a chick.

I gave him leeway, thinking that he would pull [that is- to chat up and pick up the girl], but the muthafucka just cat-called as he cruised by saying:

“You look good”!

That’s was it!!!

He didn’t stop!

He didn’t persist!

He didn’t get her to stop!

The girl simply smiled back at him and he kept it moving.

Shoot and fucking hope!

Throw a line and hope that the girl jumps on your dick!

That is what the average guy does: player or just a regular Joe.

They fail to realize that lines alone won’t get the girl!

You have to actually back the shit up with substance. And that’s a department in which most guys are woefully lacking.

So guys; don’t be scared off by these so-called players and guys with big rides and $$$$$ thrown about.

These guys have no fucking game! Which ironically is the reason why they use material things as baits and attraction magnets.

I’m having massive fun on this trip so far in strange territory.

This city is fucking mines! 🙂

I snapped a view pictures of a bit that took place today.

Hanging out @ the “Cheers Bar” with my insta-date pull

1 slushy for me; the other for the instant date

1 slushy for me; the other for the instant date

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