Friday’s Field Report, Day Game And Updates

Haven’t had an ounce of sleep since landing here Thursday afternoon.

The heat was scorching today yet I was still in the field like a warrior.

Crawled out of bed this morning at 7 AM.

Didn’t have an iron to iron a dress shirt. And the hotel staff wasn’t sure whether the iron they had can plug straight into 110 voltage without frying the iron. So I had to scrap that wardrobe for something more gritty: a black t-shirt…but with slacks.

Anyway, so I hit the streets @ 8 AM this morning.

Took care of some banking where I was able to withdraw some cash.

Picked up a girl while waiting inside of the bank on the bank-lady to return to deal with my situation [I also caught this on video to be posted soon].

As for blow outs and getting rejected; lemme touch on that.

For the day, I had approached over 30 women.

I got rejected 3 times.

Now, rejections don’t count nor do they exists. But I’m using “rejection” just to remain clear here.

With that, that’s 3 rejections out of 30 + approached.

You couldn’t ask for a better percentage.

I also caught 1 or 2 of the rejections on camera.

What really fucked me up today was that the Blackberry died on me so I wasn’t able to record for some period. So I caught myself having to rush back to the hotel just to charge the phone at least 40% of the way.

The iPhone surprisingly lasted but I didn’t do much recording with it.

At the end of my trip, I estimate to have over an hour’s worth of footage which I will post as 1 video opposed to the usual chopped and short ones.

The most interesting thing though as you would’ve known already is that I don’t pick up girls in cities or big towns.

Hence, this is my 1st time running game in a city in over 4 years.

In few circles, guys would jokingly say that “Kenny doesn’t game in bit towns because he’s afraid of the atmosphere”.

Far from the truth.

I had no fear chatting up girls on this trip in a populated city.

A hundred percent of the game I’m running here is done in the city.

Be as it may, it’s about 7 o’clock right now and I’ll be heading to the casino, bar, lounge and perhaps somewhere else.

Tonight was supposed to be booked up by another girl I met online but the bitch flaked.

Last night was LMR (Last Minute Resistance) from 1 chick.

Tonight is a flake via bogus excuse.

When shit like this happen, a PUA also has the liberty to just go run some night game or bar game and pick up someone else. So that’s what I’m gonna do around 8 PM.


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