Friday Night Field Report: Too Tipsy To Stay Coherent

I’m writing this post right now not in a sober state of mine but I’m actually tipsy as fuck!

This is no hold bar!

Ok, so it’s 10:40 PM on the dot as I’m writing/typing this post.

Who told me to drink more than 1 beer just now!?

I returned to the Cheers Bar which is a spot I stumbled upon earlier…and it had reasonable priced booze.

Oh BTW, if my speeling is ooff, remember I’m not that coherent right now and I will not go back to edit the post after I will have sobered up.

Anyway, so the bartender guy told me that they had a special: 4 Presidente beers for $20 XCD.

I took the deal, knowing that I cannot drink but 1 beer. So, by the time I got to the 2 beer, my eyes were already glossed over and I felt a bit staggered.

My mother is currently chastising me over Facebook for getting wasted in a foreign country not knowing where or how to navigate it safely.

I did manage to chat up a hot girl though and I did manage to get her Facebook contact as I didn’t push for the #.

I actually caught this on video, but I was so tipsy from 1 and a half beer, I didn’t have the coherence to point the camera directly @ the girl so I caught most of the darkened floor LMAO.

Anyway, I’m tired as fuck!

It’s 10:46!

Haven’t slept since Thursday and I’m spent!

5 bitches flaked out on me tonight but fuck those hoes!

I deleted 3 from my Facebook and the other 2 from my phone book contacts.

I would’ve stayed out and gamed some more but I’m too spent, tired and my eyelids are literally drooped down right now as I write this.


I took few photos from the Cheers Bar as I struggled to drink the Presidentes.

4 thoughts on “Friday Night Field Report: Too Tipsy To Stay Coherent

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        1. Lol I only need 1 and a half. I’m coming out with an infield video of about 2 hours of gaming dozens of women. On this night, I approached a girl @ the same spot and got her # but I opened her with “Do I look drunk”? Stay tuned.


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