Trip Update #7: On The Ferry Sailing Away

Well, it’s Thursday afternoon and I just boarded the ferry 30 minutes ago into the 2 hour ride down the Caribbean island chain until I reach my destination.

I guess due to the shitty weather, the ferry isn’t near to capacity but perhaps they’ll pick up more passengers along the way.

The only hot girls on the boat right now are fast asleep with 1 of them trying to suppress their puke from being spewed all across the place.

As for myself, I’m sleepy as fuck as those anti-nausea pills have my eyelids heavy and drowsy.

My cellphone has just lost signal as I’m further out of range of Antigua and Barbuda.

See you guys!

Oh- my phone battery died while typing this post.

I just got to the hotel room and ready to run som night game.

See you guys!

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