Trip Update #6: Balcony Game

Another aspect of game I find to be really intriguing and exciting about is to game girls from the hotel balcony.

I’ve never quite done this, although it’s inherently no different than trying to pull in any other circumstance.

Nevertheless, I’ll be recording some sets where I (attempt) to pick up girl(s) from the balcony. Or to at least get them to stop and jet downstairs in order to engage them.

This sort of pickup is easy.

Without having done it already, the mechanics are very familiar to me.

Getting girls walking on the sidewalk to look up and stop is a very simple task.

It mainly requires voice projection, owning it and showing intent opposed to being half-ass about wanting them to stop.

With that, I’ll definitely demonstrate this to include in the grand video which I will compile together after the trip will have concluded.

I intend to post a video when I get back home (Monday) which will be at best, over an hour’s worth of game and footages compiled into 1 video.

Everything will be demonstrated:

Bank game, bar game, casino game, restaurant game, KINO escalation, kiss-close and kiss-close attempts, using negs, seeding the one-night stand pull, how to get solid-phone numbers easily, etc.

After compiling this video project, I doubt I’d have the stomach to still record infield videos as I would’ve essentially burnt myself out in the field.

What's your view?

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