Trip Update # 3: Itinerary And Checklist

Usually, I’m never this psyched and anticipatory about traveling. But it has been a while (for me at least) since I hit the road, seas or skies. So I’m all antsy about this venture which once was the calling-card of this weblog when I first created it.

Boy am I excited to game girls in another country/island!

As for my checklist:




Not yet!

Travel documents?


Gadgets and recording devices?




Today, I booked my hotel reservation located at a populated spot in the downtown area of this undisclosed island which I’ll be traveling to by ferry this coming Thursday.

What I love about it is that it actually has a balcony looking over the sidewalk into the streets. So I can game girls from off the balcony and try to pull right upstairs to the spot. 😉

$65 bucks per night, so that’s $250 for 4 days.


Everything is basically checked off so far.

My biggest dilemma right now is actually to put together 2 decent wardrobes at least, and whether to go casual or formal, Urban, denim, slacks or what!?

As for money, that has all been rationed and allocated towards financing the voyage.

I haven’t purchased the ferry ticket as yet, but I spoke with the agency today, and they informed me that I can purchase the round-trip ticket at the seaport prior to boarding the ferry.

The remainder of my funds will have been put aside for transportation expenses (taxi), food and play.

Currently, my debit/credit card is expired, so cash is the only means of making money transactions…which I prefer anyway.

As for “Play”, there are some nice casino spots on the island which makes picking up girls in casino a decent prospect.

Some cash has also been put aside to support my weekend boozing at some seedy Spanish bar which I’d already did some research on.

I also put aside $40 in case I’m cornered into buying a drink of 2 for some gold-digging sluts.

As for food; not even on my mind.

Just kidding 😆 🙂

Usually, I don’t get an appetite when high off the feeling I get whenever I touch down in unfamiliar places.

I’m like a kid at a playground; food and rest do not even enter the equation.

I’m trying to be as niggardly as possible by spending by not trying to exceed $1000 bucks for this trip.

Thus far, my perceived and real expenses amounts to about $700.

Whenever I travel the Caribbean, I’m generally dishing out anything between $950 and $1,500 for a 3 day stay.

The ferry ticket alone is $220, so that goes to show how expensive it is to travel this region on the local currency.

See you in the next trip-update post.

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