The World Is Smaller Than You Think – Just Ran Into Girl Who Secretly Deleted Me From Facebook

I Love When This Happens!

I usually don’t run into the same girls often, simply because I don’t really pick up chicks in my immediate surroundings, instead opting for distant towns and districts on the island.

Minutes ago though while grabbing something to eat, I ran into a girl who just yesterday, deleted me unexpectedly from Facebook.

How do I know it was yesterday?

Let’s just say I’m smarter than average.

Anyway, so I bumped into her tonight and she was immediately shitting in her pants!

As expected, I put her on the spot while putting her in a playful headlock to show my displeasure.

She immediately knew what this was about and couldn’t bear to look me in the eyes while she tried to fabricate an elaborate story on the fly.

She told me that a coworker of hers had took up her phone and at random, deleted her contacts.

How fucking dumb does she think I am!?

Anyway, we laughed about it and had a 30 minutes chat while she begged me to add her back and that she was truly not at fault.

I don’t buy her shit but whatever!

The world really is small.

You fuck someone over today, you may actually run into them sooner than you know it.

What's your view?

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