Un-Cut Public Notice To My Readers

Hi there…it’s Kenny…your humble servant.

It is long overdue that I address this matter that has been irking me for some time.

What may that be?


“Huh”!? :confuse:

Ok, here’s the deal.

I get dozens of e-mails and messages flooding my social-media inboxes from fans and readers [barely haters] seeking help with their precarious situations.

I take no issues with that!

However, what I do have an issue with, is the guy who seeks my advice on an impersonal basis through some sort of texting medium, when he can simply browse the site for whatever he needs.

It pisses me off that every 20 minutes, my Facebook-mobile messaging notification app goes off, indicating that I have a new message.

Whenever I do interrupt what it is I might have been doing in order to check/read the inbox message- 9 in 10 times with all guarantees- it’s a blog reader bombarding me with a long-sob story about his ex-girlfriend who had dumped him weeks ago and he’s uncertain about what to do to deal with it.

Minutes later, another message bypasses my imaginary-security system, and it’s from some guy asking an innocuous question about pickup or how he can improve his conversational skills.

Now, these are realistic fucking questions that any guy who’s good in the field, are accustomed to receiving.

What amazes me though and also exacerbates my gripe, is that if these guy would simply take a second to browse the fucking weblog, all of their inquiries would be answered through the plethora of articles littered on the site.

Don’t know where or how to find what you’re looking for [not saying you’re slow]?

Simply take a look at the sidebar for “Pages” or “Categories”, where you’re bound to find what it is you’re in need of.

Push comes to shove: hit the “Search” box.

Can’t be that fucking difficult, right?

Do I have a chip on my shoulder right now?

I wouldn’t say so. But guys- all the information you’ll ever need about banging bitches and seducing hotties, can be easily located on the site!

I’ve been blogging nonstop since 2011- every fucking day for you guys- even multiple posts per day inclusive of videos, articles, tutorials etc, etc, etc.

I shouldn’t be asked shit on the topic of pickup, dating and seduction.

Year’s worth of information is there!

You think I write for fucking writing sake!? :sock:

I do this to aid you scums…and partially to keep a daily-public journal because I have a narcissistic streak which periodically needs to be fed and stroked like a nurturing baby…just frikkin’ kidding!

Nah- seriously, I don’t need to be doing this (posting) but I’ve chosen to…with longevity might I add, while many others have fallen off by the wayside [over 90% of all blogs die within the first 5 months due to disinterest and laziness on the blogger’s part].

With year’s worth of writing and material out there published by myself, I do NOT understand why, nor do I expect to be flooded with communiques from guys wanting help in this area.

I am highly frustrated to put it mildly!

Do you even know how it feels to be lounging at a bar multitasking: chatting up chicks while blogging and browsing my Twitter feed and getting my drink on, to then have to wreck my brain in order to find an adequate answer to some guy’s lamenting e-mail or Facebook message?

Surely I’m coming off like a massive asshole right now! But giving dating advice to hard-cases isn’t easy.

The average Joe is expected to receive tailor-made advice for his specific questions, when in reality; there is no unique situation under the sun!

For heaven’s sake, if you’re going through a dry spell and haven’t banged a piece of vagina in 9 months- News Flash- it isn’t unique to you!

Hence, there’s no need to blow up my Facebook/G Mail and Yahoo, asking for the “specific” magic pill to your nagging situation when that issue has already been dealt with hand over fist throughout my website including the Youtube channel.

I once operated a Skype service where guys had to pay through pay pal in order to get their inquiries dealt with [this is essentially phone coaching/consultation].

Tried it for 6 months but completely got overrun and overwhelmed by guys who were more than willing to dish out $50 bucks for a 30 minute session.

Frankly; I just couldn’t keep up with the demand! So going the “pay for advice” route, doesn’t actually quell the inundation of questions, but happened to fuel the fire in my case.

As for Facebook, which is 2nd to my e-mails as far as medium in which guys contact me, I have lots of pick-up newbie friends who have friend-requested me over the years.

With this comes another set of headache in the form of newbie questions which make my blood boil.

Pardon me for not having empathy since I was there once upon a time.

My general advice to such individuals is the same for anyone else: search the blog and you will find!

This dilemma also falls into the bracket of “Instant Results”.

Most of us nowadays want Instant fucking Results to every setback in life!

We want instant answers and instant results.

I’m always forced to remind guys that shortcuts in life does NOT fucking exist…but in isolated cases!

As I’d noted in a recent video of mines, I started to study Spanish over 9 years ago, not with the expectation that I would get good overnight, but realistically knowing to myself that it must take fucking time!

Nine years later, I’m so fluent in speaking, writing and comprehension of Spanish, that I customarily tutor elementary and high-school kids on the behest of their parents for a reasonable fee and often times- free of charge.


This didn’t fucking materialize within a twinkling of an eye!

I didn’t ask someone how do I learn Spanish! Nor did I ask anyone to teach me!

The information was out there and has been there ever since the advent of the public-library system…and it gets easier since the internet is now massive and you can actually lie on your lazy ass and learn anything nowadays!

Thus, back in 2004, I religiously frequented a public library every chance I got just to study Spanish from a specific textbook which was prohibited from being loaned out. So I literally had to study in the library!

I single-handedly searched for the info I wanted instead of harassing a Spanish-speaking person to teach me the language.

Long story short: it took time (years) but I stuck with it [strictly on my own] until I’d obtained mastery.

It isn’t hard to see by now that Kenny’s a fucking diligent, resilient and persistent muthafucka.

With pickup; no difference!

I took the same route with the same mentality of patience until I’d mastered the art of getting laid consistently.

No fucking shortcuts taken!

No bombardment of the coaches and gurus at that time with questions on pickup and seduction since the information was already out there that they themselves had published on various pick-up sites and forums.

Now that I actually coach this stuff, I’m beginning to realize the huge responsibility- I mean headache- that comes with the territory. 😉

No matter how much information one puts out there (for free), there are always going to be individuals who seek to proverbially cut in line to get their shit dealt with personally without having to do the research.

The great irony is this: no matter how perfectly I remedy these guys’ issues over the phone or through text chat- they never get resolved when it’s all said and done!

A little News Flash here guys!

No one can get “YOUR” shit handled for you!

With the advice we provide [coaches of pickup], you have to handle your shit on your own!

I can’t fuck the girl for you!

I can’t get your ex back for you!

I can’t make you a confident dude for you!

These things must and can only be dealt with by you after you would have received a piece of advice from someone who’s advanced!

Most guys are in the habit of sub-communicating the expectation that the coach/advisor should virtually get the girl for them!

It’s like expecting another dude to take their dick out and shove it into the girl’s awaiting pussy!

You are NOT fucking improving simply because you’re too goddamn lazy to research and to then take action!

I’ve given you muthafuckers years worth of videos, articles and advice yet you’re still hitting up my inbox like little bitches asking ridiculous question like, “How do I carry a conversation with a girl”?

Great question!

However, if you simply look around the website, you will find instead of having to make asinine inquiries which does nothing but to accelerate the thinning of my hair!!!

From henceforth, I expect to get some respite in not having to reply to and answer a bunch of questions from my beloved blog readers.

Stop fucking being a hard case!

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