Cut The Shit! Time To Rock!

4 thoughts on “Cut The Shit! Time To Rock!

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  1. These guys are so funny and so full of shit. “While you were at home watching youtube videos, I was at home talking to Tyler on skype about how I can convince people I was out at the club, only getting 2 hours of sleep, and pulling bitches.”


      1. I get it. And I think that’s a good message. But the problem with RSD is that they have these RocknRoll messages like, “Don’t shower, and still fuck bitches.” and “I go out 6 days a week, sleep 2 hours a night, work at my job and fuck bitches every night,” and they are basically trying to motivate people.

        But the messages are so gimmicky and horrible, that hopeless new guys, who have no real world experience take them LITERALLY and get all fucked up in their heads. The message is SUPPOSED to motivate guys but usually it completely misses the mark.

        Some poor guy goes out every night, loses his job from lack of sleep, tries to fuck women who think he looks like shit and smells like shit because he didn’t shower, fails miserably, becomes a douchebag with a shitty attitude and on and on.


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