PUA Infield Footage – Pros & Cons Of Recording Your Sets And Interactions

  There are few pros and cons when it comes to filming yourself and your day to day interactions.

This doesn’t even only apply to pickup and meeting strangers. — – – > >

  Most of us exhibit poor-body posture, send out poor-body language and communicate all the wrong messages with our body alone…let alone words and the way we speak.

A feasible way to treat this problem is to either stare at yourself in the mirror while pretending to be conversing with someone [not a bad idea actually]. Or record yourself having real interactions with real people.

  Both routes will suffice. — – – >>

When I first started out in the field, 1 of the biggest exercises in the seduction community was to face yourself in the mirror and take note of your body language.

  Secondly, one was to record himself having a mock conversation “with himself”, then replay the audio recording again and again in order to tediously sift out the anomalies in his voice, tone and projection.

There’s no greater eye-opener than listening to yourself on audio or seeing yourself on video.

  All the little chinks in your vocal armor, abnormalities and weirdness will readily stand out like sore thumbs!

These you’re simply unable to spot in real time with the naked ears.

  All the conversational fillers you’re accustomed to using which make you seem unsure of yourself, such as: “Anyway”, “Ummmmm”, “know’m saying”(?), will smack you dead in the face like a pile of bricks.

A great way to correct these errors is through personal analysis.

I put together a video on just that and some. — – >

4 thoughts on “PUA Infield Footage – Pros & Cons Of Recording Your Sets And Interactions

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  1. I don’t ever want to record my sets with video in field. I do say some amazing shit so MAYBE audio, but I have no desire to let my face be all over the internet because I’m playing this game for real and in areas sometimes where it wouldn’t be hard at all to be noticed as, “That pickup guy on youtube.”


    1. Well I guess the 1st person recording tactic is better in that sense since you’re essentially holding the camera and out of view opposed to someone holding it and recording you and the girl. And I’m guessing you don’t buy the “DHV” in being that Youtube pickup guy?


      1. NO DHV UNLESS you are already what most women consider attractive. Someone like Paul Janka, yes. Someone like 90% of the pua guys out there, no. They are just marketing or are trying to get guys to think they’re getting laid.

        I like your first idea. Maybe a go-pro style mini camera hidden somewhere, if you could pull it off. The other thing I Might do is blur out my face. I’m sure if I did enough videos people would recognize my body, body language and my voice.


        1. Dude, record yourself for yourself, and if you want to put the videos on youtube just blur your face out like I did in my first video


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