Girl Invites Me To Church As I Picked Her Up

Mobile blogging through the WordPress app for my Blackberry & iPhone, comes in very handy!

I’m allowed to blog on the go while I pick up chicks.

Win Win! 😉

By the way, I’ve never actually blogged from a computer before.

Also, I enjoy these short-little impromptu posts which I can publish in real time after the actual pickup of the hottie.

This new direction of the blog is definitely a winner opposed to posting complicated lengthy articles every now and then.

Anywho, just minutes ago before 7 PM while heading to my grandma’s place to grab something to eat, I came across a sexy girl waiting around at an intersection near to a church…so I decided to pick her up.

She was mindful enough to not hit me with the church pitch early, so she waited until after we exchanged digits to shatter my world with the idea of stepping foot into a church. 😯

Minus the, “Everyone needs to have a relationship with Jesus talk”, it was a decent interaction which culminated with the # swap.

As much as I dread collecting phone numbers nowadays, I did it for the fuck of it.

Moreover, it goes to show how no woman is impervious to being picked up by some random stranger who happens to bump into her randomly on a street corner…during the evening.

At the end of the day, humans are only humans and more times than not, we submit to our feelings, vices, emotions and lust, in spite of the charade we shroud ourselves in.

Picking up a religious fanatic or missionary chick is no different than picking up a club slut.

The religious girl is actually easier to pull and take to bed.

I’ll explain in a future video or post the art of picking up religious girls.

It isn’t much different than picking up any other girl. But there exist nuances and specific details you may want to take note of.


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