In spite of not being a huge fan of Day Game [picking up women on the streets during the daytime], and for a guy who prefers Night Game by far [picking up women during the night], I absolutely do a lot of Dag Game in contrast to Night Game.

Reason being: there’s just lots more people out during daylight working hours, on their lunch breaks, etc. so there’s more girls to chose from while the sun is ripe.

Thus, I’m always Day Gaming though not an enthusiast per say.

Frankly, it isn’t that picking up women is essence radically different during the day as opposed to night (though they are key differences).

I’m just not a day person. 😦

Some years ago, I once worked as a security guard (for 3 years actually) and my shift began at 4:30 PM to 11 PM.

I loved the job as far as scheduling went because I was allotted the free time to sleep all day long (daylight hours), which by the time I was ready to leave the casa for work, it was almost 5 PM which meant that the sun wasn’t far from taking a dive on this side of the globe.

Therefore, I’m more of a night person bay far…notwithstanding my relatives shame the shit out of me with the labels vampire and Mr. nocturnal. 😆

Being a night person, I’m more inclined to Night Game and chasing ass after sunset.

With all that being said, my reason for not preferring Day Game isn’t the same all across the board in relation to other guys.

I honestly don’t get why guy fear approaching women during the day.

Well- guess I contradicted myself.

I do get the reasoning behind the fear/phobia (irrational fear).

Just that it isn’t nearly as difficult as most guys make it out to be.

As long as there’s a liberal flow of women on a particular strip, Day Gaming should be constant and actually keeps your mind sharp since you’ll always be scanning for prospects to pick up.

Getting discouraged and stuff should not even creep into the picture…but I guess that’s easier said than done.

What's your view?

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