Autumn Update

This season is slated to be an interesting 1 as I will resume traveling around the Caribbean at least, to capture some really interesting footages for the weblog and my other solo projects.

Next weekend, I’ll be embarking on a long voyage via ferry to a not-so-distant island with the cost of ticket alone being $200 XCD dollars, which is equivalent to roughly $67 in U.S. currency.

The prime beauty about living in the islands is that the weather is always conducive to meeting new people. So there’s no excuse for me to not be out there marauding the town like a man possessed by sex demons! 😈

In the meantime, enjoy what the blog has to offer. And remember to live abundantly in the sense that you garner a lifestyle packed with attraction value, opposed to loafing around the home, playing video game and shit talking with the boys.

My most recent trip [island-hopping] was back in March where a buddy and I who grew up together in NYC, decided to visit some interesting spots mainly to broaden our knowledge of the globe.

I shot a documentary style video on it but in the 2nd. half of the video, the audio totally chipped out due to a technical glitch as I was uploading the video.

Anyway, see you guys around shortly!

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