Rejected Through Text After Trying To Hook Up With A Girl’s Friend

The other day, I’d texted a girl:

“What’s up. I’ll message u later when I’m free”.

Her reply:

“No need to because I won’t reply”


Ok, I can’t explain what happened here…I think.

I met this girl about a month ago through an establishment which I frequent for breakfast at least 3 times weekly.

We added each other on Facebook to see where it would go from there.

I wasn’t terribly uninterested in banging her- but What The Hell- might as well. 😉

There’s a giant elephant in the room though: late last year, I’d almost hooked up with her coworker/high-school friend.

You can read that field report here when I’d met the friend of this girl: Just picked up a girl in front of her fiance.

I wasn’t able to full close her friend because days after we’d exchanged numbers and began setting up the rendezvous, she skipped town without notice with her fiance.

Fast forward 9 months, I decided to pick up this girl, not realizing that she was still in contact with her former coworker (the engaged chick) and that my name was to surface in their discussions.

The worst case scenario actually happened (I came to find out) where this girl happened to tell the other girl about how she met a guy named Kenny who always frequents the breakfast establishment.

Why the fuck do girls always do this!?

Beats the shit out of me, but women no not of confidentiality.

My conspiracy-theory driven mind tells me that this girl said to her former coworker:

Girl 2: “Hey *****, I met this cool guy the other day by the name of Kenny”.

Girl 1: “Kenny? I knew a Kenny”.

Girl 2: “He always stops by the workplace at least 3 times a week”.

Girl 1: “Really!? The Kenny I knew met me at work too one day. How does he look? Might be the same guy”.

Girl 2: “Tall, slim, dark-skinned, charming, forward…”.

Girl 1: “That’s the same Kenny! I met him last year in November while at work”.

Girl 2: “wow! Can’t believe it’s the same guy”.

Girl 1: “How do you know him”?

Girl 2: “He chatted me up the other day and we start talking ever since”.

Girl 1: “He tried to fuck me”!

Girl 2: “What! He’s trying to fuck me now”!

Girl 1 :”He’s such a fucking dog! Goes around hitting on every girl”!

Girl 2: “Well he won’t be hooking up with me”!

In my defense, how the hell was I to know that these girls knew each other like that apart from being coworkers!? 😯 😡

Frankly, I never knew that they were even employed during the same time frame at the same breakfast joint.

Therefore, if I happen to have picked up Girl A 9 months ago, Girl B shouldn’t hold that against me!

Anyway, so that’s pretty much what took place.

Girl B doesn’t want to talk to me anymore because I was very close to banging Girl A (who’s engaged by the way). And not only they were former coworkers, but currently good friends.

What am I gonna do about this?

Absolutely nothing!

If I’d established a good enough connection with Girl B (which I’m sure I did), she will eventually reopen the lines of communication once she realizes that she no longer shares such cool interactions with any other guy.

Hence the strategy here is no strategy at all but to simply let it play out.

I since deleted her phone number; totally not in the mood for the childish shenanigans.

All in all, I post such posts to simply highlight the truth of the game, which is that all of us face rejection, no matter how advanced you are or how many women you score with on a regular basis; rejection is inevitable.


Unexpectedly, she did text me back yesterday after about 3 days of silence after telling me that she doesn’t want to talk to me.

Not that I really care either way it went. But just a classic case of how women do and say things out of emotions but back slide later when the heat is on…or after failing to rattle your state with their little tests.

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