Nothing Stings More Than Being Rejected By A Girl Of Sub-Par Beauty

Over the past 2 weeks and running, I’ve been on a rejection spree unlike anything I ever encountered within years of meeting women.

All of these rejections have taken place over text message, which solidifies a point that I’ve been hammering home for ages: A girl will coldheartedly reject you over text because she doesn’t have real consequences to face in doing so.

She can simply tell you to “fuck off” and ignore your future messages as if you’d vaporized off the Earth.

This is largely why I hate texting girls since such a domain allows women more perceived power than they would’ve had in other media which require face-to-face interaction.

Nevertheless, it’s just the nature of the game…including the numbers game.

The more girls you approach and chat up, the more you’ll get rejected.

Less girls you approach, your rejection count will have naturally been lowered [consider this the law of average].

This is largely why most men aren’t psychologically and emotionally built for seduction and becoming PUA’s.

The mere thought of having your manhood and ego ripped out through rejection by women on a daily basis, is enough to make guys go:

😯 “Oh no- pickup doesn’t work! Plus it’s for losers”!

A sly way in which to weasel their way out of having to deal with rejection through mass approaches.

It’s for this reason why pickup isn’t and will never become popular with the average guy.

Average Joe’s mentality:

“Why subject myself to constant rejection from women when I can just not approach altogether and never get rejected…plus keep my dignity intact”?

Ok, back to the rejection stats which I’d taken note of as of late.

Over the past 20 days, I’d met and picked up about 20 women…19 of those complete strangers.

Of the 20 new pulls, I’d slept with 4 which is equivalent to 20% [a terrible conversion rate in business but a great one for hooking up].

The 4 that I managed to shag were of top-notch beauty and to my specification.

This is a paradoxical irony in that guys are under the impression that hot girls are more difficult to fuck than ugly ones.

The more unattractive the girl, the harder it’ll be to take her to bed due to various reasons:

1.) Insecurity issues

2.) Low-self esteem issues

3.) Ugly-girl complex

That’s just to name a few impediments in trying to shag girls who aren’t that attractive…contrary to popular belief that ugly girls are easier.

Now the thing is, of the 16 girls whom I wasn’t able to sleep with, they were ones of lesser perceived beauty and value.

Go fucking figure!

Shouldn’t I have banged the not-so attractive ones and shouldn’t have stood a chance with the ultra-cute ones?

The other crazy statistic here is that the ones who were barely passed the cuteness threshold, gave me a tougher time in trying to connect with them.

I was getting more shit tests from these sub-par women, that had I not known better, I would’ve hurled my smartphone into the fucking wall out of sheer frustration! 😡

Naturally, I expect to get tons of tests and dilly-dallying from women who are 8, 9 and 10’s.

A 7 and lower?

C’mon girl!

Reiterating: The lower her beauty goes (whatever beauty means to you), the more difficulties you’ll encounter.

As a guy who’s been in the game this long, you learn to not let shit affect you that would ordinarily drive you to anger.

With one of the not-so-attractive girl who had rejected me this week, this is what was said to me via text:

Me: “Pizza later”!

HB 7: “Not interested at all”.

Then she blocks me on Facebook unexpectedly. 😯

With another one who was perhaps a 6.8:

Me: “I don’t do much texting so it’s best we talk in person over pizza”.

HB 6.8: “I got other shit to do and I’m busy these days and my man wouldn’t approve of me meeting other men so that’s out of the question”.

Me: “Fair enough. You know my # so if you get some time, shoot me a text”.

HB 6.8: “Fuck off dawg. I won’t be texting you so get rid of my number”.

“Holy Shit”!!! 😯

In the defense of these 2 girls in particular, judging from their Facebook postings which I happened to skimmed pass over the past days, they are currently going through some shit [man-hating phase].

This partially explains the sporadic outburst and man-hating vibe that I got.

Every girl goes through similar phases where 1 week, she sees all men as blood-thirsty dogs who should fuck off and die- and following week- she’s crying about not being able to get dates with decent men.

Coupled with the fact that women are very emotionally unstable due to hormonal changes and imbalances (i.e. menstruation), so this sorta mood-swing crap is foreign to most men by common with women.

Dammit though; it sure does screw with your inner game to get uncalled-for-attitude from chicks whom you wouldn’t dare look at on an ordinary day.

With that said- so why do I- or why would I even pick up women who aren’t as hot?

With the law of average, there simply isn’t enough hot women to fucking go around.

If you wait around for the hottest girls to walk by, you’re likely to find yourself not getting any girl at all.

Hence, you will have had to settle for 5’s, 6’s and 7’s even though such chicks aren’t the most cock-arousing on the bloc.

Basically, whichever way you look at it, it is highly impossible to be pulling 9’s and 10’s on every pick-up attempt.

There simply isn’t enough available 9’s and 10’s to go around.

Hence the reason why I would find myself trying to fuck a 6 on any given week where the stocks of 9’s would’ve been pretty low.

I can either attempt to shag a 6 or not get any ass at all.

Don’t know about you, but I’d rather bang a 6 than to not bang anything whatsoever. 😉

However, this is where the great cluster-fuck dilemma comes in when your ego will be put to test.

Getting rejected by an un-shapely 6 when you’re accustomed to having super-bodied 9’s and 10’s bow at the knees to assume the standing-blowjob position, can really squash your reality like a meaningless grape under the wine press.

Years ago, this would bother me tremendously.

Nowadays, being rejected by the not-so-attractive girl doesn’t sting due to the fact that I get the underlying theme as to why this is so.

For the average guy though who isn’t used to rejection, or perhaps a PUA who’s new to the field, rejection and bitchiness from sub-par women will hurt like nothing else in the world!

So much so that lots of guys throw in the towel on pickup because they just can’t handle being rejected by women whom they perceived to be of lesser value, whether it be looks based, economical or social value.

3 thoughts on “Nothing Stings More Than Being Rejected By A Girl Of Sub-Par Beauty

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  1. Great post. I think its a myth that hot girls are meanies, I don’t think I’ve ever suffered an outright cold rejection from the hot ones. I mean, why would they be mad? They got looks, everybody wants them, they’re always happy. While the 6’s and 5’s, damn, I can name one or two situations where I’ve got damning criticism from them.


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