Picking Up Girls In Other Languages – Bilingual Game [+ Infield Footage Examples]

I’m a huge proponent of learning to game girls in other languages. — – ->

When I first started out in Pickup, I embarked on mastering Spanish, French and Italian solely to pick up foreign girls.

Years later, I’ve attained mastery in 1 of those languages [Spanish] and as a consequence, I’ve slept with more non-native English speaking women over the years than I can count.

— ->>

Not that you need to learn another language in order to fuck such girls. But it does make the job so much easier as you’re able to connect with the girl in her native tongue.

Everything from trying to order a drink at the bar to conveying to the girl that you want to take her home, would be much easier if you at least known the basics of another language.

In this video, I’d picked up 2 Latinas: a Venezuelan and a Dominican, one of which hardly knew a word of English besides how to count from 1 to 10.

There’s no downside to this guys!

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