Socialkenny’s Critique On “The Good Looking Loser’s (Chris’)” Latest Video

I’ve never critiqued a video in the negative yet from my friend Chris aka the Good Looking Loser.

His latest in-field video [his 1st night game video in fact] had me pulling out my hair…at least with the 1st set and the 1st girl whom he’d approached for the night outside of a bar.

Now, I’m all for getting blown out and rejected early!

Being a vet at pickup, I understand the underlying theme of the video and what Chris is advising here, which is that it’s best to get rejected EARLY than late!

If the girl allows you to get physical early, then it’s a great sign!

However, to be talking to a girl for 45 minutes then try to touch her and have her deflect it, you’ve essentially wasted 45 minutes.

Hence, Chris’ point is super logical.

I just didn’t like the fact that he got so hard on himself about the 1st girl not allowing him to kiss her when I expected him to persist and utilize some strategically push-pull.

In the defense of Chris, he said it was just a hunch he had which is why he didn’t pursue it further with the 1st girl.

After years of doing this, one will have acquired perception in the field through repetition and experience.

Therefore, I respect Chris’ mindset although I would’ve plowed a bit more.

What's your view?

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