9 + 1 Tips To Attracting Women Over Whatsapp Messenger

I share 10 of my super-secret tips to preserving value while simultaneously deepening the attraction with girls through Whatsapp.
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2 thoughts on “9 + 1 Tips To Attracting Women Over Whatsapp Messenger

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  1. I have to make married women who is teacher and her husband is Rich but she send me messages good morning / good night and we never met and also we never personally talked what should I think does she like me ?? I stopped replying even after 10 – 15 days she send me good morning / good night whats app messages , one day I called her to meet but she made excuses and did not meet and looks she is afraid to meet me she has two young daughters and I have one son and one daughter ……… does she love me ??


    1. She doesn’t “love” you. But she likes you. But she’s also afraid to take that giant leap to meet up with you. Why? Because you haven’t done any work to make her comfortable with the idea of meeting with you face to face. You can do this through text.


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