200 Pick-Up Artists In 1 Vegas Club- See What Happened

A funny, crazy yet interesting video posted by Squattin Cassanova some days ago.

The deal is, there was recently a PUA convention of sorts in Las Vegas, held by RSD [a leading Pickup/Seduction company].

After the gathering, 200 PUA’s who attended the seminar hit up a Vegas nightclub to run some night-game pickup…that is to pick up girls during the night time in order to take them home.

Everything is fine up to this point.

However, there was a PUA among the 200, who decided to rat out his PUA brothers by telling women in the venue that the place was filled with Pick-Up Artists and that they [the women] should be careful and be on guard against this.

Now, this is cock-blocking and AMOG tactics to the fullest!

Why would he do this, especially knowing he’s trying to pick up chicks also!?

Where is the pick-up community courts when we need 1 to charge this guy for treason!

Anyway, this was all captured on a wireless mic and video by Squattin Cassanova, as he wired up a female friend of his to go undercover in the venue just to see how the RSD schooled PUA’s would do as far as Game is concerned.

The videos are in 3 parts.

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