Her Place Your Place Or Date?

Get Her To Your Place Or Her Place…

A great portion of pickup is centered around dating and meeting up with a new-sex prospect on a date of some sort.

Rarely do you ever come across pick-up material which advises you to get the girl over to your place, or go to hers, opposed to going on a date altogether.

This anomaly actually puzzles me since the greater portion of women I manage to sleep with is at my place or hers.

Therefore, trying to get girls on dates as your first resort is actually shooting yourself in the foot with a shotgun.

The “date proposal” should actually be your plan D or last-ditch effort on getting to see the girl again.


Read on!

What you should do instead, is to try to get the girl to come to your spot.

If that fails, your next option should be to get to her spot.

If that fails, there’s no other option but to settle for a meet-up somewhere, i.e. a so-called date.

However, it should be in that order and not the other way around.

It isn’t logical to shoot for a date then if that fails, you try to raise the stakes by having her come over.

That just isn’t logical!

Hence, you want to shoot high firstly [your place- her place] then work your way downwards with a date being the last shot.

I mean, think about it: if a girl won’t accept your date proposal nor to meet up with you, why the fuck would she ever agree to going to your pad or have you go by hers?

She won’t agree to that…quite naturally!

After all, since your objective is to sleep with her eventually, why would you elect to draw this out when you can possibly make a short cut towards it?

By taking my advice on this 1, you’ll be amazed at how receptive women are to meeting up at their place…granted she likes you and you’ve done sufficient work to attract her properly.

If she lives at home, this can actually, and most likely, will derail that plan (of going by her).

However, if you happen to live alone- Viola!

Problem solved via Plan B!

Ok, now if the girl flats out rule out seeing you at her place or going to yours, then the next-logical option [Plan C] would’ve been to propose a date or a meet-up outside the confines of the home.

What I’ve come to realize though over the years of sleeping with innumerable amounts of women, is that once a girl is at least remotely attracted to your vibe, there’s hardly anything she won’t do in order to maintain that great feeling of being hooked on a guy’s vibe and personality.

Notice I didn’t mention looks here at all!

Looks are fucking overrated by far!

You can be the best looking guy since Keanu Reeves in his prime.

If your vibe and personality don’t mesh together to hit the girl the right way; then no amount of good looks would ever get her to subject herself to your lameness by way of a date or rendezvous at your place.

Therefore, it is all about the vibe, the personality and your ability to attract women on a psychological level where you can then operate on her like a surgeon…proverbially that is. 😉

If you’re unaware of how to create such a strong and attractive vibe from the get-go with a new girl- despair not- I published a video the other day on the subject of how to deepen the attraction with a girl through text!

This is just a template to guide you and not necessarily a copy-paste format for you to follow.

You want to create the vibe similar to what I did in the video.

Pay attention to the vibe and not the exact words/text.

Ok, so that’s step 1 in setting the stage to get the girl to come to your place or vice versa.

You must firstly attract the girl through your personality by creating a solid, fun, funny and flirty impression.

Now you’re rightly on your way to Phase B which is to structure things the right way.

For that part, here is a solid video I came across recently from Pick-up coach, Todd Valentine. It is not quite a how-to on getting a girl back to your pad, but it lays the foundation and the mindset of what you want to do to facilitate things.

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