What this website is all about

With the latest influx of new readers and subscribers over the past 8 months, it’s more than fitting to clarify what this blog is and what it is not…apart from the “about me” page.

I am a Pick-Up Artist (PUA) also known as a seductionist, and I run a website (this site) based on the subject of picking up and seducing women.

This is NOT a pro-mainstream-media dating advice weblog (quite the contrary)!

The dating, courtship, seduction and relationship advice which I share with you, are very radical and unorthodox and are NOT for the faint of heart!

Moreover, as a veteran member, and also a well-known member, of the Pick-Up/Seduction Community, my personal insights hold credence even among the gurus in the genre.

However, 90% of what I teach and impart here on this weblog, aren’t my original thoughts, ideas, tactics, knowledge or insights.

They belong to the underground-seduction community in which I’m a member.

Hence, what I write about here is nothing original however exclusive to pickup.

Guys like myself, what we actually do, is to shed light on certain concepts and refine them and tweak a thing or 2 here and there.

Ultimately, my objective is to simply get you guys laid…or at least aid you in the process.

We can all agree that mainstream-dating advice is antiquated and tremendously flawed especially in relation to courting the 21st Century gal who is more aroused by the badboy’s approach opposed to the old-fashion chivalrous method.

Therefore, most of what you’ll learn here will be things which are foreign to your ears and outside of your mainstream comprehension.

As for other modus of learning, I also shoot amateur hidden-camera videos of live and real interactions between random strangers and myself.

The videos aren’t to show off or prove anything, but merely to give you guys a real-world sense of the concepts I teach and how they are actually done with real women and not actors as some outfits are known to use.

It’s 1 thing to tell a guy what works than to actually show him how to make it work and why it works.

Ok, so if you haven’t heard of Pickup, PUA or Seduction prior to reading this post, now you know what it is and what I’m about as a PUA (Pick-Up Artist).

If you have heard of PUA’s before, 9 in 10 times, what you heard is likely to be bad press and criticism of PUA’s from women, female bloggers and mainstream dating authors.

Stuff like, “PUA’s are womanizers”, misogynists and we advocate treating women like sex objects in order to seduce them.

Those might be true sentiments, but they are usually responses to the sexualized approached of a PUA…which works by the way.

At the end of the day, being a pussified nice guy doesn’t get you laid neither does it arouse women to become attracted to you.

Being a nice guy with an edge, or a badboy with a heart, is what I teach around here, and it’s also what the pick-up community advocates.

If you can handle that, then read on and feel free to browse around the site and search for what you need as far as tips, techniques and tactics to getting girls in bed, getting phone numbers and getting a girlfriend.

What's your view?

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