Never Compliment Hot Girls On Facebook Redux [more reasons why you shouldn’t]

As part of my quasi anti-Beta-Male campaign, I get a kick out of posting such statuses from my Facebook friends.

This friend in particular, has granted me consent to post some of her updates periodically to my blog whenever pertinence calls.

This morning, she posted the following status update (with pic’) which was priceless in demonstrating to the average frustrated chump that hot girls don’t give 2 fucks for your little compliments of “how sexy” and “how beautiful” they are.

Hot girls are complimented so often by clueless men, that they are actually turned off by the generic compliments on beauty, sexiness and looks overall.

Therefore, thanks to girls like my friend here [someone I know personally], I’m often kept in check whenever I get the slightest itch to dish out a cheesy-generic compliment to any hot girl.

Check out what she had to say in a recent status update!

😯 😯 😯

Wasn’t that eye-opening?

Not only does it clearly demonstrate that hot girls don’t give a shit about your sweet compliments, but it also shows the disdain and innate contempt women feel towards such compliments.

This girl is indirectly AMOGG’ing the shit out of guys who continue to tell her the obvious: that she’s sexy and beautiful!

She’s literally laughing in you guys’ face. And since most men are clueless; they would never take the hint that they should desist from complimenting women who are HB7.5’s and above.

In non-pickup lingo, if a girl is above a 7.5 in the looks department; you DO NOT compliment her on looks, beauty, sexiness, nor her physical appearance- PERIOD [this’ according to Kenny’s method]!!!

Hot women are always complimented!

Hence, your little 2 cents, won’t worth shit but only to diminish your chances of ever getting with her.

This is why in Pickup, the ingenious technique called “Negging”, is super important in lowering the perceived value of women who are used to guys drooling all over them, and in effect, raising the perceived value of the guy who refuses to ride the bandwagon.

Therefore, if you want to get a hot girl’s attention and separate yourself from the pack of worthless men; say something negative or dismissive to her [this’ essentially a “Neg”]!

If you want to turn off a hot girl and guarantee she never pays you any meaningful attention; compliment her to death…or even in the slightest.

Hopefully you guys get the message crystal clear!

Personally speaking, I dread the thought that I would become a fan-boy on the bandwagon of any beautiful girl. As a PUA; that is just not in the cards for me so I refrain wholeheartedly from lauding women with compliments unless they are original.

If you want to compliment women; keep it original, abstract, unorthodox and away from her outer beauty and inherent looks.

I made an infield video on this a while back where I instructed you guys on when and how to compliment women; whether they be MILF’s, hot, semi-hot and sub-par hot.

5 thoughts on “Never Compliment Hot Girls On Facebook Redux [more reasons why you shouldn’t]

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  1. Now I know why men acted surprised when I wouldn’t sleep with them after they negged me. Because they thought it would actually work on me.


    1. Negs do work. It’s a natural part of the social interaction and even playful flirting. If negs don’t work on you then I think you should get a sense of humor and lighten up a bit.


      1. No, I like intelligent conversation. not juvenile negs and I happen to be da queen of sense of humor. Negs are so basic and I don’t want some basic bish.


        1. Lol I hear that. You speak with certainty. Humor is huge for men. Lots of women are too sarcastic and can’t take a joke. Negs to me fall in the bracket of humor. If you can’t take a neg then there isn’t much you can take. But you do say negs are juvenile so I’m guessing you’re able to have a conversation without the guy having to neg and stuff


          1. Depends on what you call a neg. Teasing? Some guys know how to be funny and witty and some guys just say stupid stuff that’s insulting. Then there are times when they just sound lame and think their funny. The timing has to be right to tease anyone. It has to be spontaneous, not too often and flow naturally. If it’s planned, I so know it is and I’m instantly bored or annoyed.


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