How Kenny Deals With Gold-Diggers [screenshots available]

What is this “top up” she’s asking for?

A “top up” is basically credit or minutes in which to put on a pre-paid mobile phone. So she wants me to put minutes (top up) on her phone, a service which is available at most stores throughout the Caribbean.

Make no mistake about it: these chicks are not fucking broke and are not poor in the least.

It’s just a case of, “If I can use a man’s resources, why should I ever use mines”?

Now, this chick hadn’t spoken to me in ages prior to these recent texts (as always the case with girls who use men). But her goal was pretty clear.

Another behavioral pattern I notice with gold-diggers and men-users, is that they only contact you when they’re in want.

They would fall off the map unexpectedly for months on end, ignore your texts and calls until humanly impossible and repeatedly bullshit you in some way or another.

With this chick here, I’d already banged her when we first met, so either way, it wasn’t a loss for me.

In a recent article, I wrote about my position on women, money and favors.

You should check it out My position on women, money and favors

Also, remember what I told you about recently, that women generally designate various men in their life to various positions.

She has the guy she uses for money, the guy she leans on for emotional support, the guy she fucks behind her boyfriend’s back, the guy who takes her wherever she wants [I call these unofficial “taxis”], the guy(s) in the friendzone, etc.

A girl has a slew of guys for different purposes. With this girl, she clearly thought she could’ve utilized me for insignificant (monetary) favors but it didn’t quite work out that way.

To my knowledge from the last time we chatted, this girl has a fucking boyfriend!

Why should I, or any other man for that matter, be virtually footing the bill for the boyfriend!?

It’s his fucking job. And this’ why I’m very insulted whenever girls try to pull that crap on me as if they’re so in need and in dire straights.

As long as women have pussy: they are never in shortage of men who are willing to dish out cash and pay for their existential debts and so forth.

The parting message here I want to leave with you guys is to realize that if and when a girl tries to bum a favor from you (particularly monetary): she has no sexual interest in you, nor does she desire to date you at any point.

She has already relegated you to the “chump” basket and is only seeking to use you until she intimately cuts you off.

Luckily for me, I had already slept with this girl numerous times a while ago, essentially fucking her while the attraction and chemistry are still HUGH.

Be as it may, you should NEVER interpret a girl seeking favors from you, as a sign of her fondness and attraction for you.

Most men misinterpret this.

You better believe; if she can’t get what she wants from you, she will gingerly move onto the next chump until she finds a sucker.

Stay wise! And remember; women are always scheming for ways to get over on men. It’s just in their nature to do so.

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