Half-Ass Appproaches Without Showing “Intent” [+ infield example]

Since I’ve been on the subject of “intent” lately, an older video of mines has fount some new relevancy.

“Intent” is pretty straight forward.

In Pickup, “Intent” means that you, the guy, should show clear “Intent” albeit not exactly to verbalize it, in what you want and what you intend for the girl to do: whether that be to stop, talk, etc.

Showing your “Intent” can mean the difference between getting the girl or losing her.

Also, a girl must see intent from you in order to comply. If she doesn’t see “intent” in your position; then she won’t comply.

To give a great example and how simple the idea of “Intent” is, let’s say that you’re walking by a girl and you want to stop her to chat her up.

If your “Intent” to stop her is weak: she won’t stop!

It’s that simple.

Hence, you want to really communicate, even in your body language, that you intend on her stopping.

In the infield video as you’d see, while walking, I tried stopping a girl, but due too my lack of intent by positioning my body the wrong way, the girl kept on going.

Therefore, if you come across situations where girls won’t stop when you try to stop them, it may very well come down to a lack of “Intent” on your part: either verbally and or physically (by bad body positioning).

Approaching women half-assedly almost always results in botched, foiled and failed attempted pickups.

With that: remember to always show “Intent” on the approach and during the interaction [“Intent” to take her to bed].

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