Chemistry Has An Expiration Date

I taught you a while ago that attraction has an expiration date.

If the guy fails to sleep with a new girl within the unspoken-prescribed period given; she will lose interest in him as the initial attraction would’ve fizzled out.

Likewise with the awesome feeling of chemistry.

If the guy fails to fuck the girl within a non-specific time frame when the chemistry is there; he will have lost his opportunity as the initial chemistry would have evaporated.

Therefore, chemistry is your window of opportunity to act.

Once you allow that chemistry to dissipate and to expire, you might as well throw the towel in on this girl.

This may not be any fault of yours as is almost always the case when chemistry expires.

I’ll elaborate a bit later.

Chemistry Has An Expiration Date

Some months ago, I met a sexy MILF in her early 40’s [perhaps 42] with whom I shared some of the most powerful chemistry between a girl and me.

This thing was off the fucking hinges from 1st. sight!

Due to various reasons outside of our control- we weren’t able to meet up in a timely fashion to seal the deal with sex.

As a result: the chemistry died and everything else along with it…eventually.

Not only would you, the guy, sense that it’s dead. But the girl will also feel this even more, as women are ultra-perceptive in picking up on subtleties between the sexes.

Well- how do you prevent chemistry between yourself and a girl from expiring?

Fuck her while the iron is still hot!

Fuck her before the chemistry dies out!

There’s no set-in-stone time frame on when this happens [chemistry dying]. So it’s counterproductive to say to yourself, “I’m gonna take my time with Francis because I have so and so to take care of first”.

Chemistry might expire within 2 days.

It may take 4 days.


A week!

Two weeks!

There’s no fucking telling!

You [the guy] do NOT hold the keys on chemistry, neither does the girl to a lesser extent.

Chemistry, as it is technically an intangible and unseen element (but felt) just as love, fear and any other strong emotional reactions, isn’t controlled by any party.

It’s just there and it goes on its own merits.

A skillful guy can create chemistry out of thin air. But it takes 2 to tango since chemistry is something shared between 2 entities [girl and guy] and not just 1 person.

However, chemistry between you and a given girl, cannot be confined and released at will.

This is why when at the very moment that you feel chemistry between you and a girl, you ought to fucking capitalize off of it PRONTO!

Oh- and by “Capitalizing”, I don’t mean grabbing a quick phone number in order to play the “let’s text game”.

I’m talking about banging the girl ASAP!

Finger-banging her in the corner of the bar!

Trying to sneak her off into the restroom to get hot and heavy!

When chemistry is in the air, a sexual vibe can easily be generated since chemistry must be present in order for sex to happen anyway.

The worst thing you can do when there’s chemistry between you and a girl within a given interaction, is to go, “I’ll see you another time Jackie”!

That’s akin to forfeiting a ballgame when you’re up on the opponent 20 to 1.

Most guys forfeit the interaction (and forfeit on sex) while chemistry is high.

In my cases, chemistry expires not due to inaction, neither do I forfeit to further the conversation. But because of existential factors outside of my control, such as:



*Conflicting schedules

*Girl leaving town


If a girl who I share chemistry with, skips town for a week, meanwhile I’m meeting scores of other girls as usual, whenever she returns, the chemistry will have (naturally) expired.

Not because I was slow to action but the girl was not physically available to keep things sizzling.

Those instances are a given and unavoidable!

However, you don’t want a situation where you meet a new girl at the bar, (sexual) chemistry gets created then you bail without trying to take her home.

If no chemistry was present during the initial conversation, then the obvious goal is to self-generate it another time in hopes of capitalizing off of it…before it eventually expires.

It’s in your best interest to try to fuck her fast!

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