Day2 With Sexy-British Indian Girl + How To Structure Dates And Be Persuasive

Remember the British Indian girl I’d picked up Friday afternoon, the one I wrote about in this field report: Don’t allow women to outsmart you ?

I actually didn’t know she was full-blooded East Indian born in England until we chatted about it.

Well, as expected, she did not get to outsmart/out-frame me by putting off our Day 2/meet-up for a later date.


We actually met up that Friday night after picking her up the same day earlier.

It had totally slipped my mind that I even met up with the Brit [shit like this happens when you have options and meet random women on a daily basis].

This was actually the same night I’d deleted the # of a girl whom I picked up that same Friday evening too: More pussy- less patience.

PUA Field Report

Anyway, so after her dinner with family, she had plans to go on a date with some guy right afterwards [someone whom a relative had introduced her to].

If you’d read the field report detailing the pickup, my known intention was for her to flake on the guy by standing him up somehow and instead meet up with me.

This’ a tall fucking order. But once you’re able to lead and persuade women; convincing them to ditch prior plans is very possible.

Hence, she stood the guy up and rendezvoused with me instead. 😉

Aren’t women evil! 👿 😈

Just kidding! 😉

Ok, everything comes down to frames, frame battle and frame control.

Whenever a girl tries giving me her phone # with the promise that we’d go out sometime in the near future: I take that as an attempted brush-off, a diss and stall tactics…because it usually is.

Therefore with this girl, I didn’t allow her to pull that stunt on me after grabbing her phone number.

I made it clear to her while picking her up, “I will call you later after your family dinner and you and I will meet up…”.

Now, she could’ve simply ignored my call and blew me off altogether.

However, my frame was pretty convincing on a subconscious level:

“It’s either now/today or never”.

Whenever I pick up a random girl, such is my attitude. Since I own my shit; women usually comply with my frame/my shit.

Hence when I insinuated to this British Indian girl that she should flake on her date, she bought in and felt that seeing me would be worth it more than meeting up with the other guy whom she obviously knew prior.

The calling card of a master PUA is 1 who has the ability to get a girl to fuck off her prior plans with another guy for him instead.

This chick had zero reason to blow the other guy off for me. But she bought into my insistent frame.

Ok, so I rang her Friday night after 7 PM when I figured her outing with family might had concluded.

She answers:

Me: “Hey N******, it’s Kenny. The shy guy who you picked up earlier today”.

Girl: “LOL so funny. 🙂 So what’s up”?

Me: “Remember my suggestion earlier, that we should hang out prior to your date”?

Girl: “Yea”

Me: “Well I’m driving through your area so you can meet me and we chat for a bit. It’s not a date or anything”.

Girl: “You don’t even know where I live let alone my area”.

Me: “Ok- you got me. So…where can we meet? How about at the same location we met earlier”?

Girl: “I don’t even know where that was. I’m not familiar with the area. Only been here twice in my life for vacation”.

Me: “Ok cool. Gimme your address and I’ll meet you and we take a walk in your area. I don’t want us to go too far since you aren’t familiar with the area”.

[This was basically a verbal gambit to allay her fears of telling a stranger where she lives]

She puts me on hold to ask 1 of her local relatives the name of the area, street, etc.

Girl: “Ok, it’s ****** street off of ***** drive, the building facing the ****”.

Me: “Ok cool. I know where that is. I’ll swing by and pick you up shortly”.

Girl: “Will be waiting in front the building”

It just so happened that I was about a 5 minute walk away from her place, so I got there pretty fast.

Girl: “Where’s the car? I thought you were driving”?

Me: “I parked it nearby since we were gonna walk”.

A little-white lie wont hurt nobody. 😉

Anyway, my intention wasn’t a dinner, movie nor formal date.

This should make you ponder why she flaked on the other guy. Could it have been that he planned on taking her to a formal and lame dinner date at some fancy joint to wine and dine her?

Most likely!

No wonder she stood him up for the more casual pressure-free walk and chat with moi.

There are key-logistical reasons I almost always suggest a walk and chat opposed to a dinner date or something lame as that.

1.) No pressure

2.) The girl doesn’t have to dress to impress for a walk and chat

3.) Casual

4.) Less nerves at play since it’s super informal

The most important reason I take women for walk and chat, is that I can always get intimate and sneak the girl off to my place if the logistics permit.

Seated in a restaurant or on a dinner date, the logistics of the venue itself, will fuck you out of intimacy.

Hence, always opt for a walk and chat meet-up and NEVER dinner and a movie…unless she’s your girlfriend or someone you’d already slept with numerous times.

Ok, so we walked some blocs and made our way to a restaurant which was already closed.

We didn’t go there looking something to eat. We were looking somewhere to sit. And the restaurant had this outdoor patio type of setup, so the Brit and I sat there to get acquainted.

Nothing much worth talking about occurred besides me lifting her up and putting her to sit on a railing, a bit of hugging and other romantic KINO PDA gestures just to create an intimate frame.

What I really wanted to highlight is something that I’ve noticed and been hammering home for the past months, which is that it is highly possible to convince and persuade a girl to essentially abandon her previous plans.

Most guys never attempt to try to get a girl to drop her plans in the 1st place, so attempting this would seem highly unlikely and impossible for most of us.

However, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get a girl to flake and stand up another dude to hang out with you instead.

At the end of the night: I did not get laid.

How come?

No excuses but my girlfriend had wanted me to handle some stuff for her around 9:30 PM. The so-called date had already gone pass 9:45. So my hands were tied to forfeit sleeping with the Brit that Friday night.

No worries: we’ll be meeting up again perhaps tomorrow night [Thursday] for the D3…that’s if something else doesn’t come up.

All in all, this goes to show how you can meet a girl today (complete strangers) and take her out the same day/night and not have to go through the customary BS as talking over the phone, texting, waiting, scheduling, re-scheduling and so forth.

While walking back from the so-called date, or the “walk and chat” as I like to term it, I snapped a few photos in which she was camera-shy so she kept out of camera view as much as possible.

“The bearded Alpha”: shattering the myth that you have to be well-groomed to pick up girls

Shattering the myth that British girls are hard to pick up

Shattering the myth that British girls are hard to pick up

Holding hands as we walked (creating a romantic vibe) instead of being hands off

Holding hands as we walked (creating a romantic vibe) instead of being hands off

PUA acronym and term list

6 thoughts on “Day2 With Sexy-British Indian Girl + How To Structure Dates And Be Persuasive

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  1. Yes, it’s very true that if a girl is interested in seeing you, you can easily get her to ditch her plans. I’d suggest that guys try it with their female friends first. I did and it opened my eyes. The key is to ask in a non-supplicative and funny/neutral way.


    1. Oh definitely that’s a good plan by field testing on female friends and even relatives. Now that you mentioned it, I’ve done it with female relatives in the past but never thought I could translate it to dating.


      1. Treat them all the same. A 7 and a 10. They feed off you, they feel emotions, treat them like you want to have fun and they’ll know you want to, that’s when they’re sucked in. Instant date can commerce. Good post brother.


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