Signs From A Girl’s POF (Plenty Of Fish) Profile That She Just Wants To Hook Up For Quick Sex

Disclaimer: I do NOT advocate meeting women online, nor do I meet women online myself anymore. You should be meeting women on your everyday journey and NOT in cyberspace.

Ok, when it comes to getting quick phone numbers, quick dates and quick sex from POF, I am unmatched by far and I can boastfully say so.

Four years ago, I was super active on Plenty of Fish while still living in New York City.

I would bang 3 new girls a week from POF during my hot week, so much so that I felt my dick would fall off had I kep up that rigid pace in pussy-banging.

Given the size of NYC and its surrounding areas, banging 3 girls per week should be standard for any guy who’s good with women.

A bad week of POF game for me, consisted of sleeping with only 1 new girl [how’s that for a bad week]. 😦

Majority of my POF lays were of girls living in Queens, New York, Westchester County (New Rochelle), Brooklyn, New Jersey and Connecticut. I actually had an Egyptian girl drive all the way from Stamford, Connecticut after work just to hook up (under the guide that we were to hang out and watch a movie). 😈

Also, I did NOT do dates: traditional-dinner date, neither non-traditional.

When trying to hook up with girls from POF, going on dates is HIGHLY unnecessary and regressive!

You can simply invite them over to your apartment under the guise of watching a movie, listening to some music or just to hang out a bit!

That’s it!

Simple as can be!

I never took a girl out whom I’d met on Plenty of Fish. 90% of them came over to my PUA-pad, with the remaining 10%, allowed me to come over to their place [the 10% were girls in the Bronx who literally lived blocs away from my place, so I was willing to take the walk just to see them].

Therefore, when trying to hook up from POF, eliminate “Date” and “Dating” from your agenda. Girls are NOT looking to go on dates rather to hook up by coming to your place and vice versa.

I would go out on a limb to say that there aren’t any girls on POF looking for boyfriends and relationships. They’re looking to hook up fast. If a relationship or dating does materialize; then it’s all good. But it is NOT their primary goal (dating), although majority of their profiles would read something like:

“Seeking relationship”.

Disregard that as bullshit as long as her profile consists of the keywords I’ll cite in just a minute.

Ok, so if you’re looking to get quick sex from POF, look out for girls’ profiles that read like the following screenshots which I’d taken earlier:

Signs A Girl On POF Just Wants To Hook Up

What is the common theme from those POF screenshots [of hot girls of various ethnicity]?






    *Down for whatever

    *Doesnt go out much

Those are usually keywords of a DTF girl…at least on POF.

Another common theme you will have noticed in their profile:

“Wants to date but nothing serious”.

“No commitment”.

Those are the key indicators of a girl who’s looking to hook up.

Don’t be stupid to think that the profile would say, “Wants to hook up”. So some guys are actually and actively browsing POF expecting to see DTF girls saying that they are DTF by saying in their profile that they want to hook up.

Not gonna happen.

The closest thing to a girl saying that she’s DTF is that she isn’t looking anything serious, just wants to date, or looking for friendship.

Once again, remember that the 4 key signs you should be looking for are:

    1.) “Want friends”

    2.) “Want to date”

    3.) “Don’t want anything serious”

    4.) “No commitment”

As for “wanting friends”, guys would look at that and go, “But I’m not looking for friendship. This girl wants to make friends”.

No idiot! She’s just saying that as to not appear slutty by saying she’s looking for a fuck-friend.

The equivalent of “seeking friends” on POF is, “seeking fuck-friends”. That’s what she’s basically saying.

The caveat here is this: no matter how much a girl’s profile is geared towards quick sex, it will NOT materialize given that your profile is crappy and your text game is equally crappy. Hence, you have to set up your profile (about me, etc.) in a way that will attract the girls who are DTF.

You can purchase my entire 40 page POF method [“Get Laid From POF”] from the link below.

This document was actually set to be released in February but the demand was there for an early release.

The brand-new e-book includes super-advanced tips, insights and tweaks to get laid fast from Plenty of Fish.—pof-method/16099265


48 thoughts on “Signs From A Girl’s POF (Plenty Of Fish) Profile That She Just Wants To Hook Up For Quick Sex

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  1. Perhaps you’re the dumbfuck! Many years ago when POF was still new, my profile had just looking for friends. Really! I was not looking for a “fuck friend” you moron! Met a lot of interesting people that have become part of my network in both my professional and personal life. Eventually, I was ready to start dating/but nothing serious. That nothing serious ended turning serious when the right man came along. Never did just “hook up”

    No wonder I had idiots emailing me! Reading things like this!!

    Some of us really are honest and looking for what is stated on our profile! 🙂


    1. I think you have it wrong Suz’. If guys were really taking my advice [at least the ones who contacted you], they might have gotten somewhere instead of just friends at best. But I do believe 1% of women on POF are genuinely looking for something serious. Isn’t that fair?


      1. why are niggers so arrogant? must be some fucking desperate girls in new york, you wouldnt even get a pitty fuck for being the ugly cunt you are here in the uk. grow up you image obsessed freak of nature {by freak of nature i mean hideously disfigured, have you looked in the mirror lately, every part of your face is out of proportion}.


      2. So do you think there is an equal percent of women looking for nothing at all based on your parameters? Or is perception limited to New York only?


    2. Of course not, youre a unique snowflake, everyone else wasnt looking to hook up either… But that would mean youre just a cookie cutter person…. No impossible youre special, which means everyone else is looking to hoom up. So this author is a genius.

      Which is it. Either youre boring and unoriginal, or he is a genius.


    3. U lie bitch , u a hoe from way bak when i know u from when u were sucking dicks under the el in BK & BX for 2dollar hits of crack lmmfao


    4. this site is just an excuse for people to click ads, download his ebook and make affiliate commissions, don’t take anything he has to say seriously – yes he is a moron LOL. Just like the idiots selling their automated bot message sending software at the website


  2. Your a Fucktard. You are the reason why men take advantage of women… And you words are not true. I hope u are very proud of yourself. I hope someone treats your mother and your sister as respectfully as you have treated women.


  3. It’s all relative. I’m a guy, and on my profile, I have that I’m just looking for friends. Reasoning behind this? Simple fact, that I don’t want any assumptions. Dating gives expectations, disappointments, blah blah.
    When I say I just want to hang out, I go and hang out with them and we have a laugh. If we don’t have that chemistry, then I get a friend.

    Girls, you can’t deny there is some truth to this. There are a lot of slutty girls on there that clearly just want to have some fun. 99% of guys on there want it too. But yeah, there are no telltale sure signs.

    And trying to sell a guide to get laid on PoF? lol. I could just go down to a club and pick up 10 different women in the space of an hour. (I’d have to be quick, the nearest alley is a bit of a walk) If I wanted to, that is.


  4. Hahaha. This is actually pretty on point. I hook up with about 1-2 a week. I never feel like I’m playing them. They know what’s up and most end up calling back. Well done sir

    Liked by 1 person

  5. i have been on pof for a while and it hasnt been that bad, enough fun for the time i have had, but what really got me wad this one woman, 44 year old girl. not bad looking. with in 20 minutes or so she wanted my email and then came the pics, you could tell she has been at it a while but she is up for just about anything you can think of. i will let you know what happens but this site is not a dating site at all


  6. I’m easy going. I like to do different things try different things and have fun in all kinds of ways go to the movies for swimming hiking working out enjoying life day by day love all kinds of music very passionate music and I really enjoy a beautiful woman’s


  7. Hey Bob. I take my hat off to you, proverbial as it is. Would like to take a peek at your book, but bit out of my price range, so I will just have to imagine the content and figure out myself why I’m such a dumbfk on POF. A few results, but nothing in comparison to yourself.

    But what I am interested in is how your book would fit the demographic. You’re in New York, USA, and I’m in England. You’re likely to say that women are the same the world over, but there are clearly cultural differences and so what you could say in your book may not be as applicable with a change in geography.

    It would be interesting to see how you would fare if you were to create a profile in some city in England and see how your method compared. It is feasible to suppose that you could be equally successful. If so, you could truly consider yourself a master of the art of pick up.


  8. Thanks for this. Now I know what not to put on a profile if I set one up. As disgusting as this article is, I know a lot of promiscuous men would most likey think this same way.


  9. I think you are very, very stupid. You’ll prolly die of AIDS too. Better go for therapy. A whole book? May you and all the jerks who read that bullshit, die a cold death. Imp without equal.


  10. Yeah it basically comes down to them knowing you can get them off which heh is pretty easy. Any girl I’ve ever been with .. pff there were some I didn’t even have to touch.. they were juicing all over went to go down it’s like :S :O damn wtf girl?! stupid crazy. Gotta love the ones with coat hooks and inverted nips with big areola.

    The thing is most these guys on there think that these girls they talk to aren’t getting any or trying or getting dates etc they could get some if they wanted you just have to make them want it. Which isn’t hard either it’s only as hard as you make it and as hard as they can try once they give up on trying to bull shit you and themselves they are done. lol. 🙂

    all girls have that limit, that red line and they bust there is no nice girl, no gal that is the one they all are you just have to make them it. anyway liked this article, peace.


  11. Lmao highly appreciate this bro i get no less than 2 a week and dont trip about the negativity on the comments those are usually from the people who arent getting shit. Well done bruh.


  12. I hope you wear condoms, because people as ignorant as you, should not reproduce!! But, if you don’t, then hopefully, natural selection does it’s thing. 🙂 Idiot….


  13. Wow thanks for telling me that a girl who “doesn’t want commitment ” might want to get laid! Your a genius! I want your book!


  14. What about women who post a profile picture of themselves either laying on their bed, or just sitting on or standing next to their bed? Does that mean that they are more likely looking for just sex, or maybe sex along with dating?


  15. I agree there are some real whores on pof.They don’t want to date just hook up that’s it.Honestly do you no anybody who has a actual girlfriend from this site?????


  16. so the girls just drive to you. Fuck you, leave, and that’s it. It’s not your skills its your standards. Super thick don’t mean super thick it means I’m a 500 pounder looking looking to snatch up child support for kids they already have. Hopefully your book is supporting some other guys family that appreciates all the hard work you have done. 3 fucks 1 week should not make your tool hurt i think u have aids


  17. Not sure why there are so many angry people on here. Some people just want to hook up, so the fuck what? Women go about it differently and sometimes guys don’t know how to pick up the signs. If you’re not one of those people that want to hook up, fine, but why are you so angry at those that do? You all sound very petty. There’s nothing wrong about trying to figure out who wants to just have sex, he didn’t say anything derogatory in this article and he didn’t suggest that anybody do anything inappropriate. It’s pretty sad to get that angry over something that you’re not even into. If you want to just have relationships then go ahead, but not all of do.


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