The Chinese Who Loved BBC

I typically don’t write lay reports as they have the tendency to come off the wrong way (braggadocious).

A while ago, I’d called out Nick Krauser, the PUA coach/practitioner out of London, for posting nothing but lay report after lay report on his blog, which does nothing for his readers (learning-wise) but give them a good read and show him up as boastful. Plus it gets tiring after a while and I’m glad to see that Krauser took my advice and relented over the months.

My lay and field reports, almost always have a learning value to them for the reader to take away.

It’s NEVER about how many women Kenny bangs and how much Kenny is an international God of pickup.

Ok, quick note before I get into it. I have tons of photos of women stored on my portable-hard drive. They consist of girls whom I’d met over the years: ones I banged, ones I dated and ones who were close calls.

As I flipped through the photos days ago, I immediately recall the events and stories behind each photo and each girl…likewise with the Chinese girl who loved her some BBC.

For starters here: I do NOT have a BBC (Big Black Cock).

I’d say that my cock is average sized (whatever average is). By no means do I pack a 9, 10 or 14 incher. But the perception that all black men are packing BBC’s (Big Black Cocks), actually helps in seducing women of other races (Europeans and Asiatics). Nevertheless, it’s just a perception and a myth, and all of us definitely do NOT have BBC’s instead average-sized to smaller-sized penises just as most men do.

Anyway, the Caribbean is a unique place in that all ethnic groups freely mingle amongst each other with no divisions, no prejudices, no ethnic strife, no racism whatsoever.

Arabs mix with blacks, Chinese mix with blacks, Japanese mix with blacks, Germans mix with blacks, East Indians mix with blacks, etc, etc, etc.

This region has always been a utopia of “Racial Tolerance” where everyone is truly seen as equals and treated as equals. When I moved back to the island permanently about 2 years ago, I came to realize that race-base prejudice is really an American thing and not a global phenomenon as some want to propagate.

Though the Caribbean is a majority Afro-black region; every race and ethnic group lives amongst each other and gets along in peace, irregardless of religion and color differences. So it’s commonplace in Antigua and the wider Caribbean, to see Syrian men with black women, Palestinian chicks dating black men, Chinese girls hanging out with black men, dating black men, and having social-circles of black friends and so forth.

Case in point, this lay report centers around the girls in the picture below. 2 are Chinese living in Antigua. The Chinese girl on the right in reddish bikini will become my target out of convenience [this photo I also had stored on my old iphone to hard disk over 2 years ago].

Photo taken on beach in Antigua beneath a sea grape tree

Photo taken on beach in Antigua beneath a sea grape tree

Alright, so I met these girls on a Labor Day (over 2 years ago), which is equivalent to Independents Day (4th of July in America) in that people usually have picnics but at the beaches instead of the parks.

I spotted the set of girls on the beach, went over to them, talked shit as in they having a photo shoot right on the beach, the girls all laughed and I rolled off to go sit alone nearer to the water.

A bit later, 1 of the Chinese chicks came strolling by as if to take a walk on the banks. I doubt she knew I was in that part of the beach, so it was all by chance we met again…I suspected.

I stopped her and we chatted [can’t recall any of the dialogue].

After a bit, we exchanged phone numbers and parted ways while agreeing to meet up at a public function later on in the evening.

Actual photo I'd taken of her that same night with my iphone which I saved to my portable-hard disk

Actual photo I’d taken of her that same night with my iphone which I saved to my portable-hard disk

I shot her a BBM message telling her that I was at the event but didn’t see her.

She replied saying that she was at the event but haven’t spotted me neither.

We eventually met up after sifting through the crowds and took things from there.

The logistics were that she was with friends (as expected) and couldn’t leave with me while leaving her friends.

Through managing the logistics, I was able to extract her to my place which was nearby (under the guise that we were to return to the venue shortly). 😉

Sparing you the drawn-out details: we end up fucking and made our way back to the event which wasn’t far from my apartment.

We texted a bit later which led to a dialogue about she preferring to date black men.

She didn’t attribute it to BBC neither did I. But she did make it clear that she strictly dated black guys as her preference.

From my end, it’s more of a societal influence in that she grew up in a black community and all she ever seen were black guys. Quite naturally, and due to social conditioning, she would be attracted to black men.

I find this to be the case also with black men who grew up in white communities. They typically prefer to date white since they grew up around mostly white people.

Hence it makes sense why a Chinese girl living in the Caribbean, would prefer to date black men, not because of the BBC stereotype (which does help) but more so the environmental and societal influences.

If there’s 1 key take away for you guys is that whenever you do get a girl’s phone #, always fish for events and happenings in which to invite the girls out or have them meet you there.

That is a much better option than formally trying to set up a date which will cause the girl to flake out of social anxiety in meeting a new guy again. So always look for opportunities to meet up instead at public settings where she won’t have anxiety issues then try to take her home from there.

I don’t particularly pick up Asian women as I’m not that attracted to them. But this one had a certain appeal about her that turned me on royally.

I never bothered to keep in touch since the 1-off, but I was able to locate a recent photo of her at a popular car-racing event in Antigua. Apparently, she’d put on some more weight than usual.


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