Detective Game And Gathering Intel On A Girl In Order To Seduce Her [Part I]

I love competition!

A huge part of being in this seduction-dating game is the thrill of competition and men duking and dueling it out for a woman (figuratively speaking).

I generally don’t game women in my area…primarily because I’ve already slept with all the hot ones to the not so hot ones [we all have our bad days].

However, an interesting situation is now brewing in my surrounding area which gets my competitive juices churning: new ass…fine ass at that.

I spotted a girl 3 weeks ago doing some laundry in a yard not too far from my apartment.

I had to do a double take at the graceful-sex appeal but not so much of the facial beauty (although she is very good looking in the face).

Not thinking much of it, I walked on by after the second look.

Days later, I passed the same yard again on foot and spotted the same girl at the same time doing the same thing (laundry). Now “is this a sign or something”, I asked myself!?


Kept on walking.

The following day, I coincidentally walked by the same yard…at the same time to see the same girl doing the same thing again: washing!

Wait a fucking minute; I have to investigate this.

Prior occasions, I never said a thing to her; just glanced, locked eyes, smiled and kept it moving.

This time however, I stopped and said to her:

“Are you running a laundry mat? I’m gonna have to bring my clothes next time I walk by”!

She laughs and said “Sure”!

Now this is called a tester [credit Justin Wayne for the term]. Basically, you’re testing the waters to see if there’s anything there as far as the girl’s receptivity.

A response from the girl is a great sign.

The following day, since I wasn’t able to walk through her neighborhood at the usual time (9 AM), I decided to walk by in the evening but the girl wasn’t outside in the yard.

The same time as I was walking by, a kid exited the yard on a bicycle so I stopped him and ask him where’s the girl who’s always outside in the yard in the mornings.

The kid looks at me with a puzzled look trying to figure out who this person could be. I didn’t know the girl’s name so I couldn’t say so and so.

I started to describe the girl to the kid: “very tall, dark-skinned, big boobs…”.

Kid: “Oh! You’re talking about my cousin *******”!

Me: “I guess”!

Kid: “She left earlier today”.

Me: “What you mean left”?

Kid: “She doesn’t live here. She was just visiting us”.

Me: “So when is she coming back”?

Kid: “I don’t know”.

Me: “Shit”!

For the following 2 weeks, I didn’t see the girl again as I’d practically walked her street every single morning at 9 AM on my way to work…hoping to see her. But no girl. 😦

Today however while decided to walk that same route; I seen her!!!

Finally! After 3 weeks of wanting to seduce this girl but she’d left but now apparently returned!

I wasn’t sure if it was her so I hesitated a bit to call out to the girl. A car sped through the street which caused me to remove my eyes from her yard to then look at the oncoming car. As the car sped away and I then looked back to get the girl’s attention- she was gone into the house!


I waited a minute on the sidewalk next to her yard to see if she would re-emerge into the yard- but she didn’t.

Later on today while taking a late lunch break, I spotted the same girl walking from a distance crossing an intersection closer to my area.

I wanted to yell out to her but I don’t know her frikkin’ name! Plus she was so far, I don’t even think she would’ve heard me anyway.

What do I do next?


I ran as fast as I could to meet her as she slowly crossed the intersection but it was as if I were going in slow motion while she sped up.

I lost her through some apartments and houses nearer to where I live.

A bit exhausted from the run and I hadn’t even had lunch yet, I decided to go home instead and do some further investigation.

I phoned a buddy close to her area: “Do you know such and such a house at such and such a street near where you live”?

Buddy: “Yep”.

Me: “There’s a chick staying there and I never seen her before a month ago. Who is she”?

Buddy: “Oh, that’s so and so’s niece”.

Me: “Ok cool! What’s the scoop? Been trying to get a hold of her”.

Buddy: “Well I doubt she has a boyfriend here but this married dude who lives on ******* street been trying to talk to her”.

Me: “How do you know”?

Buddy: “I seen it. But I guess since he’s married, he can’t really be seen that openly trying to talk to her”.

Me: “Ok cool. Keep me posted”.

The married guy and I remotely know each other by face being that we live in the same area. Just that we never held conversation…but I know who he is and he knows me.

Later on, I gathered further intel on the girl and the married guy and the likelihood that they’d already screwed.

My sources (other than the initial informant) told me with certainty that the married guy had not banger her yet and it’s literally in the “getting to know you” phase.

Great news for me!

Whether he’d already banged her or not doesn’t change a thing, nor would it change her mind from screwing me if it was to ever get there…which I plan on taking.

The biggest liability for a married guy is the fact that he doesn’t have the free time to “creep”.

He isn’t at liberty to be out at any hour without granting his wife plausible reasons as to why he isn’t at home.

Another liability of the married man is that he simply cannot go all out with reckless abandonment in order to get the girl and keep the girl. He being married, forces him to be extra cautious…that’s if he cares to preserve the marriage.

What he has going for him though, is that he is pre-selected.

Pre-selection meaning that since he’s married, he naturally can attract more women since women are inherently attracted to men who have other women in their lives [like married men and players].

Being married has the real potential to draw other women, which is likely why this chick is even attracted to him in the first place.

Alright, I speak a lot about persistence but this sorta pickup attempt is way beyond persisting.

Getting laid often and consistently often boils down to how strategic you’re willing to be and how much effort you’re willing to put in.

Now remember as I’d told you in a previous article about desperation game; this sort of pursuit is seen as super charming and super addictive to women.

They are besides themselves once they get a slight hunch that a guy has actually went in pursuit of them in such uncharacteristic manner as I do.

This is like a compliment without actually giving a verbal compliment instead by actions.

Now I ask you, “How far as you willing to go to get the girl”?

Are you willing to knock on her door?

Are you willing to do homework to find out her logistics and so forth?

Willingness to go beyond is what separates chumps from masters.

Stay tuned!

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

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