Jerks, Assholes & Badboys + Why Most Men Are Idiots For Allowing Women To Lie And Get Away With It

I had a girl say to me the other night:

“We can’t see each other tonight because I’m gonna be busy at my mother’s house all night preparing for my sister’s surprise-birthday party”.

I decided to show up at her house anyway, and lo and fucking behold: the girl was home…in bed…clad in a bathrobe…lying down watching some Hulk animated series on her laptop. 😯

Whatever happened to her sister’s supposed-surprise-birthday party preparation which was supposed to have her busy for the entire night at her mother’s house?

That apparently was a figment of her imagination or what I like to affectionately call: CHICK-LIES.

You see, whenever a girl lies to you as was the case in my situation, she doesn’t see it as lying at all.

In essence, it’s like she’s trying to test you to see how willing and interested you are in the pursuit of her…and the lay.

For example: If she tells you that she cannot go out with you tonight because she’ll be busy studying, will you readily accept that supposed truth or will you call her out on it and just show up at her doorstep ready to go out (or go in)?

Most times, women merely want to see where your interest lies, and whether you’re a hunter (an Alpha-Male) or a non-persistent Beta Male who instead of hunting his prey, elects to stay cooped up in the hut hoping that the gazelle will just appear and say “I’m here”, then gingerly walk right onto the tip of his hunting spear.

It doesn’t work that way.

Women want to see that you’re an Alpha hunter who’s willing to pursue (but not chase out of neediness) and call them out on little bullshit white lies which they’re accustomed to getting away with (from dealing with Betas).

Guys in seduction get the concept of persistence really screwed up. Persisting with women or persisting towards the bedroom, doesn’t suggest a smooth and flawless operation which makes you come out unscathed like the swiftest Ninja.

Being persistent with women is an ugly game. Hence the reason most of my pickup videos are ugly and consist of frame battles between the girl and me.

It’s dirty, awkward and contentious!

The sooner you are to give up on pursuing a girl, it’d only communicate and confirm to her that you weren’t really that interested in the first place. So she’ll simply move on and fade away into oblivion since you (the guy) had lacked the wherewithal to persist through the token bullshit like little-white lies.

Also, often times, persistence looks like neediness [to the untrained eye]. Both are often times difficult to distinguish.

Do you recall the video of mines that I’d posted earlier in the year where I (virtually) stalked a fast-food joint until closing hours waiting to seduce a hot girl who works there? The same one who took me to her house not long afterwards? [see infield-video below]?

Now, most PUA’s or any guy for that matter, wouldn’t dare fathom such a move in order to get the girl.

Most in Pickup would frown upon such actions and deem Kenny a first-rate Beta-Male stalker who needs to be banished from the world or Game. πŸ˜‰

What most guys aren’t aware of though, is that to get the girl, one often times will have to toe the line of neediness and persistence.

Surely waiting outside of a restaurant for a random worker to emerge at the end of her shift, looks and sounds needy and weird to most guys and gals. But a great portion of women whom I managed to sleep with over the years, came about through this sort of quasi-desperation game (which doesn’t come off as desperate to women but charming).

Therefore, while you’re allowing yourself to be consumed with thoughts of preserving value and saving face by not looking a bit needy; Kenny’s going home with girls time after time while you’re left stroking the ego saying:

“Well at least I didn’t sell out”.

“At least I remained Alpha”.

Mental-masturbation at its finest.

Don’t get me wrong; being Alpha is a great thing which I advocate ardently. But guys fail to realize that part of being an Alpha-Male is also being a staunch and fierce hunter, one who’s willing and able to get the fuck out there to hunt and kill in order to feed the tribe in which he’s the overseer.

That is all part of an Alpha’s portfolio.

Therefore, the general notion of the Alpha-Male as being someone who loafs around in his palace while being fed grapes by servant girls: that is not an Alpha-Male. That is a lazy-gluttonous king who couldn’t help himself even if he were to have 10 times the limbs of the average homo-sapien.

Moreover, most perceive the Alpha-Male as the deity-type figure reclined atop a cloud looking down upon his creation, while my perception of the Alpha-Male is that of the bloodied and battered warrior who’d just returned from battling…with war wounds to show for it.

Now, the latter-Alpha prototype is equivalent to the guy who goes after the desired woman while taking proverbial arrows (criticism) in the back just to reach the pinnacle of the tower in order to get to the girl…in spite of her cunning little tricks [token resistance] in hopes of deceiving him from pursuing her.

Getting lots of girls into bed follows the same script: tug-of-war, push-pull, cat and mouse, head-games, etc. a variety of dirty-little ploys which the guy will have to contend with and maneuver around if he desires to maximize his sex count.

As to the original point of this post, a huge part of maximizing your lay count is your ability to sense bullshit, to discern whether a woman is lying to you or not, and your willingness to then act upon it to your benefit.

Understand that a chick will lie to you just to test your gullibility (or stupidity).

Although women generally don’t divulge this piece of personal information with men, if she has to, she will tell you that she’s on her menstrual just to see how you’d react (and also in hopes that you don’t pursue sex).

Would you buy it or call her ass out on it:

“The only how you’ll convince me that you’re on your period, is if you show me the bloody tampon”! 😯

I often say that to women and would get a laugh in response followed by an admission in the form of:

Girl: “Just kidding with you. You’re a smart one aren’t you”?

Passing this sorta (congruence) test, will immediately skyrocket your chances of sleeping with the girl.

On the contrary, failing to pass it by actually believing what the girl says, will instantly reduce your chances of sleeping with her as she would’ve deemed you a gullible sucker who’s too much of a social coward and kiss-ass, to call women out on their little-white lies.

Hence, you’ll be punished by women for actually believing what they tell you. 😯

That is why you should never believe anything a woman says…unless you’ve already banged her.

Everything up until that point (before sleeping with her), should be scrutinized by you and picked up on your proverbial lie-detector as highly suspect.

Before you actually sleep with a girl, 90% of what she will have said to you, would be fairy tales, exaggerations and white lies.

The truth (generally) only comes out after you sleep with a girl…that’s if you manage to get that far.

Hence whenever a girl says to me, “I have a boyfriend”. Before she gets to mentally cover her tracks, I’d immediately rebut with, “What’s your boyfriend’s name then”?

If she hesitates even for a nanosecond; she’s fucking lying and I call her out on it!

Me: “You mean, you have to think of your boyfriend’s name? If I were him, I’d be so frikkin’ disgusted”!

[Credits to Sasha Daygame for this boyfriend-destroyer routine].

With that, my stock goes up in her eyes for not falling for her bullshit-white lies…notwithstanding that all girls technically have boyfriends or are still fucking their ex-boyfriends…so in other words: all girls have boyfriends.

To backtrack a bit here, so with the girl who told me that we cannot go out that night because she won’t be home at all; I called her out on it by telling her it sounds like bullshit (but not in a butt-hurt or argumentative tone), then I popped up at her doorstep at 9 PM [a time we’d agreed on the previous day] to discover that she was still at home and in fucking bed at that [thanks to her roommate for blowing her cover].

She answered the door not expecting it to be me- since I guess- well, she figured I was like any other chump who would fall for the crap.

As she opened the door, she immediately laughed and shook her head as if to say, “I got caught red handed in my own lies”.

She invited me in. Two hours later; we fucked for the first time.

Another classic case of how and when you put women on the spot; they’ll most likely have sex with you just to redeem their standings and in hopes that the sex will have washed your memory of their blatant lies and games.

While lying down for post-sex chitchat, just to mess with her a bit, I said: “Whatever happened to going by your mother’s to prepare for your sister’s surprise party”?

She chuckled.

Girl: “It was cancelled”.

Yea right! Sure this was utter bullshit! πŸ˜‰

It wasn’t cancelled because it was never to happen in the first place!

She made it up (without admitting it outright).

That scenario brings to mind an article I’d written recently about women being lazy creatures of routine [men also] and how they’d prefer to stay at home doing the same shit they’ve been accustomed to doing for the past 8 years: absolutely NOTHING!

The same girl and I were supposed to go out that night, instead she chose to flake via lying in order to stay home in bed and watch cartoons all night [ain’t that a bitch]!

Thank Heavens she’d given me her address (on a prior occasion) where I was able to take the initiative to pop the hell up…SURPRISE! πŸ˜†

Humans, when and if presented the opportunity to do or try something new, will almost always elect to stick with what they’ve known and what they’ve already grown accustomed to.

It’s the least-effort principle.

Why should someone decide to do something which requires more effort, more work, time and mental pressure [date with a new guy], when she (or he) could simply not do it while instead sticking with something simple which requires no effort at all, i.e. staying home to watch Netflix?

Hence, this’ the underlying reason as to why women flake and stand guys up.

A date with a new guy can be so pressure-filled and intimidating, it’s 10 times easier (psychologically) to simply back out and avoid anything that can possibly go wrong. So she chooses to stay home and do nothing.

I equate this to bundji-jumping. Take 10 guys (or gals) who don’t have the slightest fear of heights, atop a canyon and try to convince all 10 to take the plunge, and you’ll be lucky to even get 1 of them to actually go through with it and take the plunge.

Women in dating is often times the same shit.

She going out with a new guy is akin to bundji-jumping. She can jump while risking the real possibility of the cord snapping which will result in a horrific and splatterific death. Or she can decide to not jump at all while preserving her life to see another day.

Which is the easier decision?

That’s a no-fucking brainer for most of us.

This explains why MOST women WILL flake, most women will stand guys up and most women will fabricate some sort of fictitious story at the last minute as to why they cannot meet up.

Flaking isn’t the exception; it’s the fucking rule buddy!

If you were to secure 10 phone #’s tomorrow, you will have only had a realistic shot of getting 2 of those girls to actually meet up with you. The remaining 8 (of 10) will either stand you up, flake or not engage you at all [giving you the # was just to get rid of you].

Therefore, most women suffer from first-date anxiety. It’s paralyzing to say the least!

Plus bear in mind; a woman cannot reasonably accept all date proposals. A great portion of those, she will have had to turn down. For crying out loud: She only has 1 vaj, so if she were to realistically accept all date offers by thirsty men, then there’s a real possibility that she will have slept with 300 guys within a 2 year span…which means a worn-out sexual organ to say the least.

Therefore, if the situation arises for her to be careful and selective in whom she dates and when she dates; she will exercise stringent selectivity.

As a guy, there’s a way in which to curtail this by skipping the line ahead of the Beta pack (to become one of those selected men), and that is to always look to check-mate women as I’ve demonstrated in this post by putting yourself in the position to where she almost has to sleep with you…or at least go out with you on a date.

Women view sex and dating strategically. In order to sleep with lots of women: you must out-strategize women until she’s backed in a virtual corner where the only way out, is to quit the games and get down to real business (whether it be a date or sex).

A cunning way in which I out-strategize women into sex, is during our initial conversation upon meeting, I would either get her to cough up her work address or her home address [check the recently posted video below for exactly that strategy].

If she flakes or play games; I simply show up at her apartment or job site [essentially showing her that 2 can play this game]. 😯

If this is too risky for her and she doesn’t take light to me playing hardball; she’ll usually fuck me just to get me to not show up at her place again (assuming she isn’t that into me). This works 70% of the time for me.

Read: Knowing where the girl lives or works will make this 10 times easier.

This sort of game sounds twisted but it’d serve to keep women honest.

Therefore, the next time a girl tells you that she cannot see you such and such a time because of such and such a reason, if you do sense that it’s bullshit (avoidance) tactics, remember to:

1.) Call her out on it by sharing your skepticism.

2.) Tell her that you’re coming to pick her up anyway at such and such a time.

3.) Then Go pick her up at a reasonable time or whenever you know she’s home!

If she doesn’t show; then fuck her!

Move on! She’s a lying witch and you don’t need such a woman in your life anyway [one less headache].

Chances are though [7 in 10 from my estimated experience]; she will appear.

As I stated earlier: most times, women simply want to see that there’s interest there on the guy’s part, and to know that he isn’t just some wishy-washy shady character who only wanted her phone number as bragging rights to his bro’-friends.

Calling women out on their little-white lies and avoidance tactics, will communicate your interest and willingness to persist.

Most times, that’s all a girl wants to see [and not exactly hear out of your mouth…since action speaks louder]: a willingness on your part to push her, corner her, call her out and make the bold move.

Women are sooooooo accustomed to getting away with everything when dealing with men on a daily basis: from lies, cheating to deception, that they actually crave (subconsciously) for a man to come along who can see through the bullshit and is willing to bust through it.

Faced with such a guy (a rare one at that), she will virtually get on her knees to suck his godly cock in recognition that she has actually fount a man who really gets it: that girls will lie for no apparent reason, and it’s up to the man to detect the lie, call it out and progress as though the lie was never uttered.

This man is an Alpha-Male!

He’s a man of action!

He’s a man who isn’t bashful about offending women or ruffling feathers just to show that he isn’t to be fucked with in that sorta way. πŸ‘Ώ

Society generally labels him an asshole, sleaze-bag, jerk-off or douche…yet these men bang the most pussy, get the most dates and are more desired by women than their nice-guy brethren.

Mike The Situation: labeled a sleazy douche by many...yet my favorite Jersey Shore character

Mike The Situation: labeled a sleazy douche by many…yet my favorite Jersey Shore character

How does the jerk, badboy, rebel, douche or asshole operate?

Jerk: “Hey Cindy, let’s go out tonight. We can simply take a cruise to the pier and chill for a bit”.

Cindy: “Nah, I’m not up for it. Have some chores at home”.

Jerk: “Chores!? Aren’t you a big fucking woman”!?

Cindy: “Lol yes of course but I didn’t mean chores like that”.

Jerk: “Listen; cut the shit! I’ll swing by in 15 minutes tops so make sure you have your shoes on and don’t keep me waiting”.


He hangs up before she gets a chance to respond, refute and cook up some more lies…I meant excuses. πŸ˜‰

Twenty minutes later:

Jerk: [Car horn: Beep, beep, beep]! “Hey Cindy come on! I’m not a waiter you know”!

Cindy: [Shocked that the Jerk showed up] “You actually came!? But my chores”!

Jerk: “Fuck the chores girl! Let your roomie take care of it! I’ll pay her if she does a good job”!

Cindy says “wait”, goes back inside, grabs her smartphone, puts her flip-flops on and it’s off with the jerk she goes.

That is how an asshole or jerk operates when it comes to the girl in which he desires.

He isn’t worried about social backlash, doesn’t give a shit about who sees him, who laughs at him or which guy labels him a douchy creep for the way he handles women.

He isn’t concerned with following social norms nor the script in which most of us have been handed to follow.

The jerk also doesn’t give a fuck about looking Alpha or doing things which may seem needy to others.

He doesn’t care about looking smooth because he innately knows that getting laid is an ugly ordeal.

Why the jerk gets laid more (apart from the above-mentioned) is because he puts himself out there thrice more than the socially coward guy.

He’s willing to get slapped and have some Margaritas thrown in his face!

Willing to get booted from the nightclubs and bars if it means hitting on every girl there in order to find the one who wants to go home and tango.

The jerk is willing to step on toes and cause inconvenience to others (a very Alpha trait).

He rarely plays it safe.

In the following video clip from earlier in the week, I displayed some jerk/sleazy/pest game with a chubby stranger/young mom (nevertheless cute face).

This all took place inside of a grocery store. Now this is 1 of my favorite grocery stores in this part of town. I frequent it so much that the owner/cashier at the center counter, knows me very well as a womanizing dude who always comes into his store to pick girls up…in addition to grabbing a cheap snack as an excuse to enter the establishment without seeming to loiter. 😈

I customarily comb the aisles looking for potential women to seduce and take home. If none are available, then I’d hit on any woman there just for the fuck of it (plus the reference experience).

This chubby girl just happens to be in site so I decided to utilize some jerk/asshole/sleazy/badboy game- if for no other reason- just to pass some time.

As you’ll hear in the video clip, the owner/cashier intervenes (jokingly) by telling me to leave the young lady alone then asked the girl if she wants him to kick me out of his store. πŸ™‚

I was essentially being an asshole but the girl’s reaction (positive) only goes to show how women generally react (positively) towards assholes who are being assholes.

For obvious reasons; I did NOT pursue this any further beyond grabbing her to plant a kiss on the cheek and pestering her a bit.

Perhaps if she’d gotten the attention of my friend downstairs, I might have tried to pick her up and get the chubby-girl lay just for record sake.

By the way, every seductionist or PUA periodically fucks a girl who isn’t exactly an 8, 9 or 10 in the body department…Just Saying. πŸ˜‰

Check out the video clip of jerk/sleazy/badboy game and remember to re-read the article to familiarize yourself with Jerk-Game and why those guys get laid the most, and how not listening to women will get you more dates and more sex.

Related Article: Attitude vs looks: why Jersey Shore’s Mike The Situation got laid more than the more attractive Pauly D by Socialkenny

10 thoughts on “Jerks, Assholes & Badboys + Why Most Men Are Idiots For Allowing Women To Lie And Get Away With It

Add yours

  1. Oh wow! I feel like editing my article where I interviewed you, because, this is an instant favourite article of mine.

    I’m currently reading your article in a taxi and I’m just enlightened as fuck.

    If there’s one thing I’m struggling big time with at the moment is being more persistent. I get very apathetic sometimes. I get numbers but never follow up. I’m not aggressive enough, especially physically.

    I guess I have no fear of being called a player, PUA or whatever. But that fear of being called a jerk, an asshole, a social outcast still lingers on. And for the life of me, I just don’t know how to kill it.

    I’m afraid of persisting because I don’t wanna come off as desperate but now, I actually see your point. Desiring her, and showing her that without holding out nothing must be very attractive to her. I liked the hunter analogy too, very accurate. The REAL hunters are out there in the field, in rough terrain, filled with obstacles, showing battle scars and still pursuing with confidence. Brilliant! I only get this once in a blue moon, how the fuck can I have it on like all the fucken time?

    Also, I remember, in our interview, you said, the number one thing that guarantees you always slaying is you chase until they give in. I wanna learn that, because, at the slightest rebuff, I’ll almost always back away.

    Phew! This is my longest comment ever, but this article touched my soul bro. Thank you!


    1. Lol don’t crash the car bro. I hear you though. Persisting pass a certain point is an issue for most of us bro. I was too in the habit of just collecting #’s and not follow up as I should. This is why this method totally shortcut the process a lot.


    2. And not being physical enough or as you should be is another problem most of us face. I have a theory and that is to persist until the girl either gives in or gets vexed and leave.

      But you totally see my point I realize that. Passion is super attractive to women! The desire to want to fuck the hell out of her without having control is sexy and women sense this. But most men will see this as desperate. But we aren’t trying to seduce men. Women see shit differently. Women see a bit of neediness while persisting as an IOI and a plus. That’s the point I was making and you see that now. A girl just wants to know that you are willing to push and push and back her into a corner. She wants to know that you’re serious about her and not just collecting #’s to brag. The more you pursue her in the ways I explain, the more attractive she’s see it.


    3. Also, if you watch the video with the thick girl @ the store, my badboy vibe and subtle aggression did not turn her off by it attracted her more to the point that she’s opened me at the end by asking about what I eat for breakfast. That was her way of re-initiating the talk for me to possibly pursue her. A lot of guys will see the video as me being needy, desperate and a fucking pest. But with 60% of women, you will have to run this sorta game to flip the attraction switch and attract her.


    4. Also Nino, I used to notice a lot that women will lose interest in me and I never knew why. When I did my homework, I found that I wasn’t showing her that I really wanted her. I was being too distant, too safe and too hands off. I wasn’t chasing until they give in. Most women see chasing as sexy, attractive, adorable and a sign of your interest. Just that you don’t want to chase over the phone. That is the main difference and problem with most of us; we chase women over the phone and text, but in person, we don’t chase when in fact, we should chase in person and not chase over text. The real reason women get turned off whenever a guy chases over text or phone call or the internet, is because he cannot realistically get intimate with her over the phone. So the girl feels as though she’s wasting time. But in person and face to face, you should chase and appear a bit needy and do things that would seem a bit desperate. Remember; men will see this as desperate. But women will see it as “he really likes me”.


  2. Thanks too dude for this article. I’m still new here. I read the comments from nino and I am a bit lost to something you told him like persisting and going to certain brink. I’m wary of looking desperate. Explain.


    1. We men need to realize that women don’t see things the way we do.

      If you checked out the video from the store, the cashier, just another guy who thinks women think like men, he didn’t realize that my attitude was causing the girl to become attracted to me. He looking from a male lens, thought that the girl was offended or something when she wasn’t. So women see things differently. What a may deem as desperation and sleazy, a woman may very well take it as interest, liking and sexual desire: 3 positive thing. Sure there are women who will see things as men do, but those are still the vast minority.


      1. Thanks for all the replies Kenny, my mind is racing right now. I feel like, I need all of this. Unfortunately, I can’t watch YouTube videos on this phone, well I can, but my network is too expensive, I believe SA has one of the most expensive data rates, its ridiculous I swear. But thank you man, I’ve bookmarked this article, will read it and take action until this becomes embedded in me!


  3. I don’t agree with everything (it might have just been the delivery tho), but I do agree that women like the chase and we do lie. But the lies aren’t about testing you (not all the time, lol), we also lie to spare your feelings or avoid confrontation or conflict. Like when we give out numbers with no intention of ever talking to you if you call. As far as making plans go, I also lie to girls about having other plans if I don’t feel like hanging out with them too! Usually plans do come up anyway and then I don’t get caught, lol.
    Oh and if some guy who wasn’t my boyfriend (including a girlfriend for that matter) showed up at my house uninvited I would go the hell off on them, whether I lied or not, I wouldn’t care! I would be so mad that they infringed on my space like that. Usually when I blow people off, it’s because I literally do not want to see them, I need space from them.
    Oh and I also agree with how you said sometimes girls would rather stay at home and watch BS then go out, because they don’t want to ‘deal’, even if they hate being single.


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