Seen Her…Lost Her

While walking home last night, I spotted probably the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen in years.

Everything from her hair to her shoes screamed: sexy!

This rarely ever happens to me where I see a girl who totally leaves me frozen in my tracks by her sheer sexiness and beauty.

I assessed this all within a nanosecond from spotting her to passing her.

As I walked pass her, we locked eyes for about 3 seconds which felt like eternity.

She was actually in conversation with some old guy on the sidewalk (perhaps her father or something) yet her eyes were fixed on mines while she talked and I passed.

The mutual attraction was so powerful that it almost caused me to get struck by a car which was driving up from behind me.

When I reached half a bloc away, I said to myself: “Kenny, what the fuck are you thinking man! That chick wanted you bro’! Asshole”!

I immediately paused mid-road and did an about face! As I looked to see if I see the chick still standing there on the sidewalk; she was gone!

Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😯 😡

This is why we have a rule in the seduction/pickup community called the 3 second rule. You spot a girl and within 3 seconds; you approach her! In that way, you won’t ever have to beat yourself up at missed opportunities from procrastination.

Surely I knew better but I couldn’t stop my feet from walking while my brain knew what it had to do which was to stop, chat this chick up and try to take her home.

Now I’m standing in the middle of the road wondering where the fuck did this chick go so fast!

I started to panic a bit wishing I had a human-tracking device to give me an idea which street she took.


I hustled back to where I passed her then made the first left, combed that bloc; but no girl!


Turned around and made a right; no girl there!

I encircled the entire bloc from North, South, East to West within a 1 mile radius but dammit I couldn’t find this fucking girl anywhere! 😯

Where the fuck could she had gone so fast!?

I stopped at a street corner while diddling with my phone hoping that the girl will pass.

Ten minutes on that said corner; no such chick.

I stopped a crowd of teenagers:

“Hey, did anyone of you see a hot girl anywhere walking? She has on a white top, tight-blue jeans…”.

Teens: “Nope”!


I walked the area for another half hour but didn’t run into the sexiest and most beautiful girl I’ve seen in ages.

Just another missed opportunity in street-game pickup.

We’ve all been there.

4 thoughts on “Seen Her…Lost Her

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  1. She could have been the greatest bang ever, the greatest girl ever, I guess you’ll never know now for sure. Lol I’m sorry bro. Better luck next time!


    1. Lol I’m telling you. It’s usually the girls who get away were the ones who would’ve been the greatest lay or a good girl overall. I hate when this shit happens though.


  2. Lol! Why on earth did I read this post? Ah fuck, the same shit happened to me today. I was walking to the gym when a beautiful school girl came my way and I was just like….before I knew it, she was behind me, I felt like a little bitch to be honest!


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