Stop Giving Up So Easily [Infield Video Hidden-Cam Breakdown]

Guys are in the habit of giving up way too fucking easily when faced with women who aren’t readily jumping through their hoops and doing back flips.

In this hidden-camera video which I’d recorded earlier in the week, while at a residential street corner in a college town on the island, I seen a girl in basketball shorts approaching my direction (most likely a college student) so I immediately called her over to chat her up as she got closer.

The thing is though, she wasn’t all animated and excited about being stopped and chatted up. But did her frosty disposition made me throw in the fucking towel and let her walk off right away? Of course not!

I kept her there and chatted her up as long as possible until I either get her to come with me or she leaves [getting a phone # isn’t an option for me].

With this girl, I didn’t plan on an instant-date pull so I just wanted to keep here there as long as possible. I’m hoping to get the point across to you guys that you should always plow and plow until something big happens or nothing happens at all (at least you gave a valiant effort).

Don’t just give up on a set or the girl simply because she isn’t smiling or doesn’t seem as though she wants to talk.

As long as the girl stops; it’s on!

This tomboy-ish college basketball chick didn’t crack a smile or laugh during the entire conversation, but it wasn’t gonna deter me from keeping her there.

At the end of the day, even if you don’t get the frosty girl to crack, you do get some reference experience in which to learn from. But just don’t throw in the towel and let a girl walk within the first few seconds just because she isn’t all bright and sunny.

The next time you approach a stranger and she isn’t all smiley and talkative, don’t take it as a sign of she not being interested. Take it as the girl needing more time to get warmed up to you.

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