How To Get Laid On A (First) Date [By Todd Valentine]

Getting sex from the 1st. date is strategic and requires a great deal of maneuvering.

I’d posted this same video the other day along with some others which might have inadvertently taken away from the powerful message in this 1.

I’m a huge fan of Todd Valentine because we think alike and his videos are easily digestible.

As an advance guy and self-professed master in this field, I wanna personal say that one can never learn it all no matter how advanced he becomes. Over the past 6 months, I’ve learned so much from Todd Valentine’s videos that at times, I feel as though I’m still in the beginner’s stage of Pickup. So you’re never too good to still be learning.

Some great insights in this video and I implore you to check it out especially if you happen to have a date planned sometime soon.

For clarification sake for those who aren’t into Pickup, in the video, Todd mentions D2 (Day 2) a lot. A Day 2 or D2 is Pickup jargon for 1st date. Where “2” comes in is that it’s representative of the 2nd. meeting. So let’s say you meet a girl today, this would essentially be D1 (Day 1). If you manage to get her on a date (2nd meeting), that would be D2 (Day 2). Likewise a 2nd. date (your 3rd time meeting the girl) would be a D3 or Day 3.

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