How Simple It Is To Pick Up A Girl: Liam McRae Day-Game Approach Video

Arguably the simplest method to pick up random women while out and about.

Brief breakdown and pointers from the video and pickup:

*Liam approaches the girl using an indirect opener/indirect game; that is instead of approaching the girl with a compliment or “Nice to meet you, what’s your name”, he approaches with a question. That is indirect pickup to the core. As an Indirect Gamer myself; I applaud this approach.

*He then “negs” the girl by saying to her “You’re not much help are you”? This demonstrates teasing and playfulness early in the interaction. You can’t be afraid to tease women. Always portray yourself as if you could care less if she stays or leaves.

*Social vibing immediately takes place. You don’t know what “social vibing” is? It’s when the vibe of a conversation flows so naturally that it looks and feels as though you and the girl knew each other for ages.

*In conjunction to “social vibing”, I also liked the display of how to keep a conversation going. Guys get stuck in their heads not knowing what to say next. This handicap can be eliminated by simply throwing a question @ the girl based on what she’d said. If she says that she isn’t funny all the time, you can simply say/ask, “Then at what times are you funny”? With such a format, you’ll never run out of things to say.

*Handling congruence tests. The girl says to Liam as he mentioned getting her phone #, “You’re very forward”. This’ a congruence test. How you handle it will determine whether you get the # or not. Liam handles this perfectly by saying he’s a forward guy instead of apologizing for being so presumptuous and forward.

*Why are you there? There come a point in the interaction when you will have to communicate to the girl a reason for you being there. This is standard Pickup stuff. Liam handles it by saying, “I’m waiting for my friend”. This says to the girl that you actually have shit to do and people to see, so you always want to say to the girl that you’re waiting on someone (a friend) or something or that you’re headed somewhere.

If you’re just starting out, these pointers may slip your mind while interacting with women. But as you gain more experience through repetition, it’ll all click automatically where you won’t have to literally force yourself to memorize steps and tips.

My favorite part of the video is where the girl comments on the atmosphere of the interaction. 1 thing that will almost always happen when approaching to chat up a stranger, she will say something like, “So…you see some chick here sitting/standing and you approach her just like that…”? Keep in mind that girls are rarely ever approached by stranger-men, so she will be taken aback as to why you’d approached her.

It’s so rare for a girl to get approached to be picked up on the streets or anywhere for that matter, she will almost always be puzzled as to what’s happening.

In addition to that, the girl says, “I’m very nervous about this…I never find myself in situations like this before [meaning stranger-men approaching to chat her up]…”. This line solidifies the point I was making that women are rarely ever approached and chatted up by men.

If you’re new to Pickup, be prepared to face this question/comment from women whom you approach. She will want to know why you approached her, and if you approach other women in such a bold way [not that you have to give her a rational answer].

The remainder of the video has lots of nuggets of gold but in the interest of time, I won’t be able to tackle them.

Overall, I just wanted to use this video of Liam to illustrate how textbook and simplistic it can be to pick up strangers.

A successful-simple Pickup attempt boils down to 4 things:

1.) Being witty.

2.) Teasing.

3.) Prolonging the convo.

4.) Using false-time constraints to give the impression as though you have to run.

An unsuccessful-Pickup attempt usually is attributed to the lack of 1 or all of the above-mentioned components.

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

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