As You Approach Your Goals, You’ll Begin To Make More Excuses [Liam Mcrae]

In spite of my recent disagreements with Liam Mcrae, I dug up an interesting-video rant of his on the topic of taking action and the quagmire of not taking action when you’re just about there to success.

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

2 thoughts on “As You Approach Your Goals, You’ll Begin To Make More Excuses [Liam Mcrae]

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  1. Good article and write up. The problem many people have in general and PUAS is that we’re afraid and victims of our own success.

    You get one slice of the cake, it tastes good so you want more. Very normal. However after the first cake is finished many people put off the second and find excuses because you know it’s there for you and think it always will be.

    When you sniff success you need to find it, don’t just sit on it. Grab a situation by the balls and every time it comes up, treat it lile it’s the first time over and over . A mellow man becomes a successful one.


    1. Nice take and breakdown on the subject Chel. It all comes together with repetition as you would’ve already known. Once you keep getting a slice of that cake, it becomes more usual than if you’d only gotten 1 slice. We’ve been there done that 🙂


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