Guys Asking Other Men For Drinks @ The Bar

Friday night @ the bar

Friday night @ the bar

A funny observation I noticed last night while @ the bar: Guys are the ones who ask other guys to buy them drinks.

I’ve always noticed this whenever I go out but last night was the most noticeable.

In the Caribbean, there’s a weird trend with men @ bars and nightclubs, and that is they’d hit up other men (strangers also) for drinks.

This might be unheard of in other regions of the world but it’s actually very fucking prevalent in the Caribbean islands.

On an average night at the bar, you’ll have like 5 different guys [strangers might I add] approach you asking if you can buy them a drink. 😯

While at the bar last night, I noticed this happening like crazy with other men!

Personally, I got hit up by 3 dudes asking if I can buy them a drink.

Not surprising.

In other parts of the world, you may be inclined to wonder if these guys are gay therefore hitting up men for drinks but these men are actually straight men and it’s totally customary to hit up other dudes for drinks @ bars and clubs.

How do I know they’re heterosexual men?

Most of my friends in the island hit up other men (strangers) for drinks also…and my buddies are heterosexuals.

Although generally we’re under the impression that women ask men to buy drinks, in reality, chicks do NOT ask men @ bars and clubs to buy them drinks.


Ponder that for a second!

It is guys, Beta-Males and nice guys, who “SUGGEST” and “INSIST” on buying drinks for women.

Women do not ask!

Therefore the notion that women beg guys to buy them drinks, that’s actually a false notion.

Men are the ones who approach women and offer to buy them drinks as a way to look cool, look like big shots and ballers and hopefully get the girls to like them.

Anyway, so 3 guys hit me up for drinks last night.

I ignored 2 of them but 1 was super persistent in a charmingly weird way:

“Come on man I know you’re a big baller…you can afford to buy a brother a beer…I’ll buy the other round…promise…let’s hang out and get some bitches…”

It was laughable and annoying at the same time so I ordered the beer just to get rid of him.

This reminds me of seduction and a neat trick and that is if you’re annoyingly persistent with women, some will just fuck you in order to get you off their backs…even though they have no attraction for you and hate your guts. It’s no different than the annoying guy who bugged me for a drink and I ended up buying him 1 just to get him off my back proverbially.

I generally don’t take light to guys hitting me up for drinks so I took some preemptive measures and hit up 2 other guys for drinks before they can ask me. 😉

I notice this to be a trick some guys use while @ the bar here: they would ask you before you can ask them. So I tried this for the first time last night and I didn’t get a drink but I merely did it just to avoid being asked anymore for 1 night.

Just 1 of those strange things you’ll encounter in the islands.

Hence if this does happen to you, know that it isn’t men trying to hit on you but merely an annoying custom.

Cup of red wine

Cup of red wine

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  1. Haha, that’s a funny phenomenon. Never heard of that one. If you went around asking guys in New York to buy you drinks you’d probably get a black eye before you got a drink.

    “It is guys, Beta-Males and nice guys, who “SUGGEST” and “INSIST” on buying drinks for women. Women do not ask!”

    That’s actually totally true. It’s the guys that always feel they have to buy the drink, not the girl who asks for it.

    The only exception is a girl who is just (a) screwing with you/ pushing your buttons to see how you respond (in which case she probably likes you), or (b) a girl who really doesn’t respect the guy at all and just sees him as a wallet/ gold digging situation.


    1. Lol yea I’m telling you. It’s a strange thing and it goes to show how customs are so different in other places. The stuff that you can’t get away with in 1 place, it’s commonplace in another.

      As for drink buying for women, glad you agree because most guys don’t seem to notice that women just won’t feel to comfortable asking strangers to buy drinks. For crying out loud, the guy could spike the drink and drug the chick so women generally won’t be that naïve and stupid to beg strange men for drinks.


    1. Sure I believe you. But what I notice here in the islands, these guys do have the money but if they can get drinks out of guys then they’ll do it. Stingy is another reason but it goes deeper than that.


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