Mastery Of Seducing Women

Only 2 types of men have the stuff it takes to become masters of seducing women:

1.) Those who observe and analyze every little detail.

2.) Those who experiment and take risks.

Those are 2 prerequisites of the master seducer.

On the contrary, the guys who will never grace the halls of Pick-Up Mastery, or constantly come up short, are the ones who are adverse to those 2 prerequisites.

When talking to a girl, a stranger particularly, every step I take, “every move I make”, is strategic and with a purpose…as much as I can control it.

I’m not saying that I map out every interaction ahead of time. Instead, everything action is spontaneous but with foresight and instincts garnered through thousands of interactions over the years on a daily basis with random women.

Every touch is with a purpose.

Every look and glance is to gauge the girl’s reaction, receptivity and energy.

I look at her lips to see whether they quiver and shutter ever so slightly in my presence and to gauge how kissable they might be against mines.

Every movement is calculated within a split second: either before or right after the movement has been made (on my part or hers).

The slower you are to catch and react to these subtle movements, the more opportunities you will have missed.

Remember this video from earlier in the year where I attempted to grab a girl’s hand as she walked towards me?

I was a split nanosecond too late in executing the move.

A nanosecond and the girl is gone…your opportunity is gone.

Even masters make blunders.

Nevertheless the point is still crystal clear: every movement, action and reaction on my part has a purpose and is deliberate.

If you’re green in the field of learning about women in dating, you’re expected to be 100 times slower, awkward, un-calibrated and unable to spot nuances, gray areas and spots in which to seize your moments.

It’s with practice, dedication and constant field experience, will you be learn to cut your reaction and action time in half until you reach the point where you can almost predict the girl’s behavioral patterns, movements and interest level.

Yet every movement has a purpose on my part and hers.

It’s like a chess match or complex-Mambo dance which requires you to be in sync with the other person’s rhythm.

Thus the way I interact physically with every new girl in whom I come in contact.

I view my interactions through the proverbial scope of a mad scientist or a tactical commando trying to corner and seize his enemy on the battlefield.

If while chatting with her she moves ever so slightly to her left; I want to know why, and I want to know what caused this sudden movement on her part, and is it helpful or detrimental to my chances of picking her up.

Whenever I hold her hand or fingers, it’s to gauge whether she’s receptive and open to my touch as yet or would I have to release and re-calibrate to then come back.

What am I feeling for whenever I hold a girl’s hand?

The slightest pulse, twitch, tension, retention, recoil, jerk or give or submission.

Each reaction, negative or positive, will dictate my actions throughout the remainder of the interaction.

If I say to a girl, “I like you”, it’s merely done to see how such a declaration would be received by her: will I spot a glimmer or reciprocation in her eyes or will I instead be met with a weird-half smile?

These nuances subtle-facial gestures and movements are all factored in and annotated within my pre-frontal cortex for storage and later usage…hence experience as the greatest teacher.

I test for warm, hot and cold.

If she gives me a cold reception; I act accordingly.

Likewise with a warm or hot reception.

Every move on my part is strategic and with purpose towards a goal.

In my latest in-field video where I’d stopped a girl on a bike and immediately placed my hand on hers, it was to establish 3 things:

1.) That I love to touch

2.) Dominance and confidence

3.) What would be her reaction and the subsequent vibe from my touch

Gauging distance, am I standing too close too soon, too far, is my voice projection being projected, am I too loud, too passive, too aggressive, etc.

Everything is factored in. Not to ensure a perfectly smooth pickup [’cause Pickup is ugly], but to be 1 step ahead of the girl at all times as much as possible and to gain reference experience for future sets and trial runs.

If you want to become a master at this someday, and you aren’t one naturally (as was in my case), then you’ll have to begin to think and act through the lens of a mad-field scientist or a general in wartime situations.

Guys who fail to become good at this, lack either 1 of both of the following qualities:

1.) An analytical mindset

2.) The drive to experiment

To become a master at this, you’ll have to both become analytical and harbor a drive to experiment and field test new data, routines, techniques and so forth.

Then you’ll achieve mastery.

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

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