Kenny Critiques The Game Of A Pick-Up Student/Newbie On Video

I’d promised to critique this infield video from an Indian student of Enthalpy, my love-hate Asian bro who’s been busting my chops ever since the Cassanova Crew Forum days where I used to post my earlier-unedited videos [no love loss].

Anyway, Enthalpy is an Asian-American seduction/Pickup coach out of Las Vegas via Southern California, but apparently he trains his students in LV predominantly.

The hidden beauty in being a PUA coach who takes his students in the field to actually try to pick up women, is that you’re able to gauge progress and correct faults immediately.

Enthalpy’s advice in the video to his student was very spot on and is exactly what I would’ve advised anyone under my tutelage of seduction. So my critique isn’t a critique of Enthalpy’s coaching but an analytical critique on his student and what he did wrong, what he should’ve done and how to avoid the most simplest of mistakes while in set chatting up strangers.

Briefly, if you’re new to the world of dating and hooking up with strangers, there exist massive amounts of nuances and gray areas which will be impossible for you to spot and pinpoint unless you’ve been coached or have had years worth of experience in the field.

You can lose your opportunity with a girl by simply positioning your body a certain way, even if the verbal interaction is going marvelously!

Hence my listed critique of the student in this video [ particularly highlighting the first and second girls].

These are also mistakes which will hurt your chances.

*Nervous laughter

*Speaking too rushed.

*Terrible distancing (standing too far).

*Inability to gauge distance correctly.

*Inability to spot when the target (the girl) is wanting him to lock in. In other words, the girl subconsciously invites him to get closer but he failed to notice this.

*Asks boring-interview type questions.

*He isn’t engaging, has no depth nor energy.

*Too friendly and safe.

*Un-calibrated responses [“Oh ok alright”].

*Too much fucking questions (seeking value) instead of chatting.

*No DHV stories. In other words, he didn’t tell the girl anything interesting about himself.

*Kept belaboring 1 point of how he likes Vegas.

*With the 2nd girl particularly, he is standing way too fucking far!

*At 1 point in the interaction with girl #2, he was standing so far, that a passerby LITERALLY walked through him and the girl since there was so much space between them.

*Too generic (“bars in Wisconsin and Chicago).

*The girl was literally free and not doing shit, which was his opportunity to take her on an instant date.

*He tiptoes awkwardly as a way to close the distance…which sorta came off as creepy as if he was about to accost her and throw her in the back of an unmarked van. 😯

*He kept insisting on asking what is she doing tonight. Fuck what she’s doing tonight! She’s free right now! Why worry about tonight?

*He then tries to get her phone # after arousing NOT 1 iota of emotional stimulation with this girl. Also, the girl is probably saying to herself: “You have your shot to see me now. Why the fuck would you want my # to waste time calling when you can have me now”!?

*Notwithstanding the fact that she says she has a boyfriend, that was no excuse to give up. She didn’t reject him but he took it as a rejection. She was merely stating that she has a BF. Not that she has a BF whom I won’t cheat on. 👿

It’s really sad how girl #2 was ripe for the picking of an instant date the student/newbie missed out by focusing on a fucking phone # and “later”.

Most of all, he missed out on a great opportunity to connect with the girl and build a stunning dialogue around her age (with girl #2).

She’s 20 years old, hasn’t experienced bars, clubs nor drinking as yet. This was the student’s opportunity to playfully tease and bust on her about being so young, make her a bit self-conscious then position himself as her corrupter: the guy who will lead her into all sorts of deviant-social activities…like drinking. 🙂

Was there 1 silver lining or + in the student’s game pertaining to girl 1 and 2?

Negging [back-handed teasing].

He surely didn’t neg enough, but he did inadvertently neg the 2nd. girl about a non-alcoholic daiquiri. Since it was inadvertent, I guess it doesn’t count as a true neg. ❓

Now, this isn’t to belittle students of the game and newbies.

You’re gonna be socially awkward and un-calibrated when starting out.

This is expected!

This critique is merely to highlight the flaws, mistakes and errors so that you become aware of them when you do commit them thus correct them.

As Enthalpy cited in the video through the annotations: energy level is important.

His student’s energy level was too fucking low!

Not enough pop there to register on the girl’s radar.

His student came off as unenthusiastic and dull.

Now, most observers will look at the guy’s first 2 interactions and go: “WOW! He did good! Girl #2 had a BF. No fault of his”!


The nuances and the subtle cues and clues were all telling.

Women have an innate ability to pick up on these things while men are blind to them…unless trained.

Hence from a trained eye: it was a VERY poor performance by this newbie. But that is expected; Rome wasn’t built overnight.

Now the 3rd and final girl he approached, he knocked the ball out of the park!

It was a bit bumpy in a bad way but notice how he does 10 times better and his energy level was higher and he bantered and poked fun a bit. So a good turnaround within such a short span.

Check out the video and you’ll surmise that my critique was too harsh on the Pickup student, but watch it with an open mind to try to catch the mistakes I mentioned in order that you don’t repeat them whenever you do decide to get out there and meet women.

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

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