East Indian Girl On A Bike: “What Does That Say On Your Shirt”? PUA Opener

How do you stop chicks on bikes?

Well that isn’t actually the topic but you’ll learn that also from this short post.

Quite a few of my Youtube subscribers have been thanking me for the Newbie Mission Project and how much they’d benefited by simply enjoying to partake even just for the ride.

Having been slacking off, I found the time and the creative energy to do a 7th mission for you muthafuckers!

In the hidden-cam infield video, there was a chick headed my direction on a bike, so what does Kenny do? I walked directly in the path of the bike in order to get her to stop: 🙂

Me: “Hey, what does that say on your shirt”!?

Very simple way to break the ice with a random stranger which is why I advise you guys to use this as a standard opener also apart from the mission.

For most guys, the way in which I did this would seem to be high risk and has the potential to turn sour as the girl’s anger would boil…but it’s never the case!

Don’t be too stuck in your head worried about consequences with women as long as you’re not in contravention of the law.

I have to keep reminding you guys that it takes a boat load of shit to actually get a stranger (visibly) upset at you for causing inconvenience or doing something ballsy.

Therefore, when I purposely got in the way of the Indian chick on the bike which forced her to stop suddenly, was she pissed and throwing a fit?

Of course not!

She found the humor in it hence her laughter just as I was to deliver my opener to break the ice verbally [“What does it say on your shirt”?].

So check out the newly recorded video, get out there and execute these missions with me!

You don’t have to wait around for a girl on bike in order to do this. That isn’t a requirement. Just as long as you come across a girl with some sorta (cheeky) quote on a shirt; stop her, and with a curious look and tone, you’re gonna inquire as to what it says on her shirt.

The objective isn’t to pick her up!

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

12 thoughts on “East Indian Girl On A Bike: “What Does That Say On Your Shirt”? PUA Opener

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  1. She is defininit indian from the east. I can hear it in the accent and even her hair. She looks black girl but is not. Thanks for posting this video it helped bro


    1. and as a real indian because I am from india i find plenty of people in western countries say that it is extremely hard to pickup indian girls. I have mates in england where I live for years and they cannot get indian girls to stop and talk for 2 minates. i will send them this video to show how easy it is to stop and chat 🙂



  2. and this girl is probably a muslim indian for some reason. Imam would be a name muslims use so whoever this family is she mention in the video they must be muslims


  3. Indian girls are fucking snobbish bitches. They don’t even get a second look from me. I have lot of them in my country and they segregate themselves like rats in a hole and don’t fuck with outsiders so fuck indians really


    1. that is some racist to say. Why feeling so spiteful and hateful against other peoplem. a subhuman you appear to me racist scum


    1. Sorry kenny

      I have few questions about opening girls no matter the race. How would a opener like this work with someone who just walks by and dont stop?


  4. And the topic of race now, how you manage that? Reason I ask is in the uk I indian men like myself have problem talking to white women. i am not going to call it racist but I reckon culture and other things play part. what you recommand to get over this?


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