How Far Are You Willing To Go To Get Her [The Risk-Taking Adventurer: Infield Night-Game Hidden-Cam Video]

Would you unknowing to the girl, park outside of her workplace like a stalker awaiting the end of her shift?

Would you pretend as though you’d just ran into her by chance as she leaves work in order to chat her up?

Well I would!? 😯

Sounds crazy that I would do and advocate something so needy, stalkerish and Beta.

In all reality, Pickup isn’t pretty. It’s messy as fuck!

This isn’t the movies where guy pulls off a flawless feat with all the chips in the right place.

This is the real world where you will have to almost sell out, do something borderline needy in order to get to the girl in the face of shitty logistics.

In my latest video which was shot last night (Thursday), the pickup was such: borderline needy, Beta-Male and stalkerish.

Alright, 2 nights ago, I went to a fast-food joint and while waiting around, I flirted and fucked around with one of the cashier girl…the hottest one.

I was able to gauge her interest level, compliance and receptivity towards me.

The following night (last night/Thursday night), I purposely showed up @ the food joint again, but this time I strategically planned it to coincide with the end of her shift [I’d fount out her schedule the Wednesday night]. 😈

I ordered something light (a burger) whereas I wouldn’t have to wait too long and risk she leaving before I get my order.

Her shift finishes @ 10 PM so I waited around outside for her…not withstanding I didn’t know if she had a BF or someone to pick her up from work. But it doesn’t hurt to try.

She exists her workplace while I was pretending to be on a phone call. As she approached my direction, I opened her and that was the beginning.

I totally made it seems as though our meet-up again was by chance and that I was waiting for someone, so this alleviated the “stalker vibe”. 😈

The rest was text-book instant-date stuff that I preach about a lot.

I inquired as to why she would walk home from work @ 10 PM and if she felt safe doing so.

That’s when she told me that she lives not too far [“GREAT”]!

I used the protector frame as an excuse to walk her home: “It’s really dangerous out at nights so I feel obliged to walk you”. Sounds cheesy I know.

If you’re familiar with seduction, 1 of the main attraction switches is to be “the protector of men and love ones”. In other words: a woman looks for protection from men. This is biologically encoded in every woman…probably not feminists…just saying.

Anyway, my frame shifted from protector to adventurer.

This hearkens to an article I wrote a while back about girls being susceptible and open to random escapades with fun strangers.

Sounds risky but that’s the beauty in it; women love to take risks and chances therefore I exploited the knowledge of that by presenting her with risk and adventure.

Being that she’s 19 years old, this also fits perfectly into her psyche: the younger the girl- the more willing and receptive to crazy shit! 😈

Guys constantly make the mistake of trying to seduce young girls as though they’re over-the hill women who are responsibility-conscious.

Anywho, as we traversed some newly-paved roads, we made it to her driveway.

“Thinking of a master plan”! πŸ‘Ώ

I suggested we go inside and hang out in which she said that she lives with very strict parents and siblings who would rat her out if they were to see us lurking outside.


“I came so far”!

Sensing that she really likes me, I prod and suggest and insist…and she budged. πŸ™‚

She carefully opens the gate for the driveway in order that it doesn’t alert anyone inside. I then snuck in on all fours while she kept a watch and went through the gate on the other side.

Oh shit!!! The dog started to bark like hell so she rushes over: “STFU”!

She checked inside the house to see if anyone was up. They were all fast asleep. πŸ˜‰

Long story short, I didn’t get to sleep with her last night but the journey and adventure were worth it!

We hung out for 3 hours in her yard while she washed lining and talk shit back and forth getting acquainted.

After washing, we sat down (an hour in) and the flirting, nibbling, caressing, hugging and such ensued.

I was poised to bending her over and fuck the shit out of her on the bench but she was too paranoid of being caught by her parents, 1 of who came to the window and looked out at 1 point [close call].

I ended the insta-date first as I realize full-blown sex wasn’t gonna happen [read: Always end dates first ].

Is there a lesson here for the average guy?

Hell yea!

1.) Don’t try to make your Pickup James Bond smooth and without bumps.

2.) Don’t wait on perfect logistics where the girl is standing there waiting for you and you’re there to receive her.

3.) You will and should toe the line of looking needy and Beta in order to get the girl. You may look stalkerish but it’s a risk you should take…as long as you’re a cool guy.

4.) Don’t fucking rely on taking phone numbers! This chick would’ve flaked on me had I took her # and tried to set something up another day [7-8 in 10 times, she will flake].

5.) Women love adventure! So give them that spontaneous adventure!

Believe it or not: I didn’t take her phone # nor did I give her mines.

I’ll get into details about this at a later time.

Check out the hidden-cam infield video from last night with intro and outro breaking down the seduction and pull.

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

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  1. I’m no pickup expert but I thought it was a grave sin to come off as a stalker? If I’m missing the point, how do you flip it?


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