No One Laughs And Smiles Anymore

While rummaging through 1 of my grandma’s dusty photo albums, I came across an old photograph of a little cousin of mines, he was probably 4 years old at the time, and I was struck by 1 thing in particular: a cheery-smiley face.

Why this stood out is because like most of us adult men, we no longer smile nor see any joy in life whatsoever.

This is partially understood due to the climate we live in: wars, recession, hardships, rampant crimes, etc. So it’s pretty difficult to smile in the face of those realities (for most of us).

With that being the case, most men are liable to walk around as though the world has wronged them and life has fucked them over tenfolds like a hooker on a good night.

Thank heavens for the Pickup community, I was able to break this social cycle of stone-faced men, from the community’s insistence on “smiling”, being self-amused, humor, banter and laughter.

Those are all cornerstone principles in the seduction-community literature.

If you got laid off: smile about it! πŸ™‚

If your small business perished during the recession years: laugh about it! πŸ˜†

If your girlfriend dumped you: smile about that too! πŸ™‚

Irregardless of what I go through on a personal and day-to-day basis, I always keep a fucking smile on my face! πŸ™‚

I even periodically have strange men approach me and say: “Why do you always smile”? ❓

Why the fuck not!?

Now when I say “smile” and be cheery, I don’t mean to parade around as though you’re advertising toothpaste with a cheesy-ass smile plastered upon your face. πŸ™‚

What I mean is to carry a pleasant face with pleasant-facial expressions opposed to stoned-faced and serious as though you’re about to butcher someone! 😯

“Are there any relevance to Game, dating and meeting women”?

Of course!

Impressions are everything.

Being and seeming inviting is a great way to put women at ease and flip the “safety” switch in their minds.

As men, just as we may become intimidated by certain facial expressions of women, chicks also are intimidated tenfolds, and frankly afraid of certain men approaching due to the guy’s facial expression being overly rigid, cold, lifeless and too serious and…scary.

Therefore, if you’re a guy who falls into this category of “serious dude”, you want to really take some stock of your overall demeanor and tweak what needs to be tweaked.

Look into a fucking mirror if you have to and learn how to train yourself and your face to display various-facial expressions, particularly the good and pleasant ones.

I know guys who never fucking smile AT ALL!!! 😯

That isn’t a rarity because you- yes you- reading this article right now, you most likely are one of those smile-adverse guys who elect to put up a so-called strong exterior around strangers in order to protect yourself from possible harm (psychologically).

Learn to be light-hearted again!

None of us were born with a stick up our ass!

We were all brought into this material world with smiles, cheers, giggles and humor…a bit of pain might I add.

Don’t allow adulthood and shit which life throws at you to make you trade in that boyish demeanor for the Donald Trump look.

Women are attracted to men who are open, physically inviting and light-hearted.

People in general are attracted to such characters [men or women].

Learn to be self-amused and learn to develop laughter.

If you have to, rent or download some stand-up comedy shit and watch it before you go out so that you naturally put yourself in a laughter and amusement state.

This also transcends every aspect of life, whether you’re at a bar, club, work, strolling, mingling, etc.

Being self-amused is applicable to dates most definitely!

You don’t want to be the guy on his date talking about 401K and boring-fucking future plans which are sure to make the girl snooze in hopes of accelerating the end of the date.

Your dates should be packed with laugher, smiles, amusements, entertainment and light-heartedness.

You should aim to come off as the carefree kid and not the rigid employer.

Also, being self-amused doesn’t necessarily entail “smiling”. It’s merely projecting a fun energy.

Can you still attract women and get laid by being all uptight and serious?


However, can you begin to fathom the amount of poon you’d missed out on throughout your life due to inadvertently pre-rejecting women by having this tough, stern and closed-off exterior and facial expression?

Imagine that!

You’ve turned more women down and off by your facial expressions than you could’ve possibly turned down from being an ugly-unsightly dude.

Check out this video from Alex Attitude, a PUA-dating coach from Australia, as he explains self-amusement and getting yourself into that state of mind which will serve to attract hot girls.

Another great video from RSD Julien and Brad Branson on the same topic of self-amusement.

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

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